Asayişa Êzidxanê administrator calls on Yazidi people to be vigilant

​​​​​​​Despite 7 years passing of Firman August, 2014, many hostile schemes are still being hatched against the Yazidi's will, an Asayişa Êzidxanê administrator has confirmed the popular resistance with supporting of Asayisa managed to foil the schemes that target the Yazidi presence, and Firman still exists, so the Yazidi people must be vigilant.

On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the ISIS mercenary attacks on Shengal province, and administrator of Asayişa Êzidxanê, Shirazd Shamo said that the Shengal people had found the necessity of establishing Asayişa Êzidxanê to form security force to protect them from the attacks, as well as to ensure the return of the displaced Yazidis to their safe homes, adding, "while the Autonomous Administration of Shengal was establishing the first pillar, Asayişa Êzidxanê was suffering hard conditions."

Democratic Autonomous Administration of Shengal province was established on 14th January 2015 and has assumed responsibility for organizing the people and administration of Shengal since then.

Shirzad Shamo explained that building a self-managed society requires military forces to ensure the success of what society seeks, protect it from external interference, and the Internal Security Forces are supportive in this task.

Shamo asserted that the establishment of Asayişa Êzidxanê played a major role in supporting the Shengal Resistance Units that resisted ISIS mercenary attacks on the Shengal province in 2014, where the two forces repulsed ISIS attacks and failed their designs on the Yazidi people.

On the forces that existed in Shengal before their liberation from ISIS, Shamo said that "they claimed to protect Shengal, but they were not the will of the Yazidi, nor did they carry their own morals and customs," adding that "they were making judgements that the Yazidis could not manage and protect themselves, as these provisions were a stumbling block for the formation of their own administration."

Shirazd Hamo confirmed that if the Firman had preceded the establishment of the Asayişa Êzidxanê, it would have reduced the impact of the attacks on the Yazidi people, saying, "At that time there was a movement specific to the Yazidis called the Yazidi Democratic Movement TEV-DA and it was working to establish military forces from the Yazidis and trained groups to defend the Yazidis." The people were in Shengal during ISIS attacks, but that did not happen."

On 3rd March 2017, Xanesor area in Southern Kurdistan was attacked by Kurdistan Democratic Forces, KDP, which targeted Shengal Resistance Unit and Guerilla Forces, Shamo considered it as targeting to Yazidi's will, adding" the purpose from these attacks are to destabilize the area to ensure not to come back the Yazidis, stressing the attacks on Xanesor area is a continuation of what happen in Shengal province in 2014.

"There are many ways to eliminate a people, first of all to target its military forces, being the guarantor of the social, cultural, historical and geographical protection of its people, and this is happening in Shengal," Shamo added.

Shamo considered the attacks on Shengal province as targeting to the existence and will the Yazidi people, stating that if they were to defeat Asayişa Êzidxanê, they would be able to end the Yazidi presence.

On 9 October 2020, the Iraqi Government and the Kurdistan Democratic Party announced an agreement on the Shengal province and the organization of civilian and military matters there, and in an effort to strike the gains of the Yazidis and get Asayişa Êzidxanê out of Shengal, he adding "The Isaidi society and the Isaidi military and civilian institutions have resisted the Convention and made the Yazidi human shields to prevent the penetration of the Iraqi army into Shengal, where Asayişa Êzidxanê also enjoyed broad popular solidarity.



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