Assassination of Hind and Sa'da crime targets struggler women

The Kongra Star in Girkê Legê district condemned the assassination of the co-chair of Tel al-Shaer Town Council of al-Dashisha district, Saada al-Hermas, and her deputy, Hind al-Khudair, describing it as a "crime against humanity, targeting women in the first place."

The Kongra Star in Girkê Legê made a statement to the public opinion, denouncing the crime that affected Saada al-Hermas and Hind al-Khudair on January 22nd.

The statement was read in front of the headquarters of the Kongra Star in Girkê Legê district in Qamishlo canton by the administrator, Samira Youssef.

The statement included: "The heinous crime that targeted the co-chair of Tel al-Shaer and her deputy is a crime against humanity, and it primarily targets women who have proven their existence, played their active role in society and protection of their land."

The statement continued: "Through this heinous crime, they  intend to strike the Autonomous Administration project which has proven successful, undermine security and stability in the region, and spread terror among the people, as well as the brutal Turkish attack on al-Shahba areas is evidence of its barbarity and striking all the values of humanity."

The statement denounced these heinous crimes against civilians, especially female strugglers, and concluded by emphasizing "the struggle and resistance until the liberation of the last inch of our occupied lands and the attainment of freedom."



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