​​​​​​​Assassinations ... aim at igniting discord between people and SDF

Mahidi El-Daghim explained that assassinating prominent figures is to play on the clan chord, to show that the SDF is unable to protect the region.

External agendas funded by the Turkish occupation and regional and local ones are working to sow discord and strike the national fabric through deliberate and systematic assassinations of high-ranking clan figures , which called for strengthening the bonds of relations, coexistence and brotherhood of peoples in the region.

Several days ago, a number of Arab clan leaders were assassinated in the regions of northeast Syria, in a move to undermine the societal solidarity that prevails in the region.

The last assassination targeted sheikh of the Al-Egeidat clan, Mutashar Al-Hafel, on August 2, which came after the great welcome by the region's clans with the campaigns that targeted the sleeper cells of ISIS mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation. The clans confirmed their rejection of any force other than the SDF and called for fighting the Turkish occupation.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are continuing their military campaigns in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor, with the aim of extending security and safety and combating ISIS mercenary cells, whose activities have become evident through assassinations, public killings and thefts they carry out, in order to spread discord and destabilize the region.

Turkey is involved in this chaos

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party office in Al-Shaddadi, Mehdi Al-Daghim, explained to Hawar News Agency that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have a "clear imprint in financing ISIS cells," to strike the security and stability of the region and the peaceful coexistence between its components.

Al-Daghim pointed out that the Turkish occupation is involved in this chaos. Its wants to show the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is unable to establish safety after a round of military campaigns that they recently carried out in the towns of “Al-Shuhail, Abu Hamam, Al-Busirah and Dhiban” and other towns.

Playing on the clan chord

Many sleeper cells operate in the liberated areas of Deir ez-Zor, and seek by all means to cause tension in these sensitive areas, some of which are under the control of government forces and Iranian militias west of the Euphrates.

In this context, Al-Daghim indicates that these cells operate according to agendas and play on the clan chord, through the assassinations, the last of which is, targeting Mutashar Al-Hafel, sheikh of the Al-Egeidat clan and Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Hafel.

"The victories of the Syrian Democratic Forces, people's support for it, stability and security, and the announcement of service agreements with global corporation to work in the northeast of Syria, has greatly confused these countries that support terrorism and their agendas."

Al-Daghim indicated that they also target the peoples of the region will and sow discord among its components, . For this reason, assassinations would provoke the people's anger against the idea of a democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples."

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party office in Al-Shaddadi, Mahidi Al-Daghim, called at the conclusion of his speech for all spectrums of society to take beware of the plots weaved by the Turkish occupation.

Member of the Al-Raqqa Civil Council, Omar Alloush, was assassinated in March 2018, and the Co-chair of the Deir ez-Zor Council, Marwan Fateh, was assassinated in December 2018, and on November 2, 2018, the sheikh of the Al-Afadila clan, the largest clan in Al-Raqqa, was assassinated, Bashir Faisal Al-Huwaidi, and the head of the “Bakir” clan. In the tribal council, and the spokesman for the Al-Egeidat in Deir Ezzor, Suleiman Al-Qassar, on July 31.

 It is noteworthy that the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces launched a wide campaign against the background of the assassination of sheikhs and tribal elders, and arrested several terrorist cells in possession of many weapons, and the campaign continues.

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