Astana meetings further complicate Syrian crisis

The official in the Syrian National Democratic Alliance party, Muna al-Khalaf, stressed that the Astana meetings failed to achieve any success for the benefit of the Syrian people because it excluded the Syrian segments, and only brought tragedies to the Syrian people.

Recently, the fifteenth round of Astana was held due to the failure of the Constitutional Committee last month, and this committee after announcing it failure and inability to draft a new constitution for the country.

The Astana process has been in place since 2017, between “Russia, Turkey and Iran,” as a large part of the Syrians who have the right to self-determination are absent from the Astana meetings.

The Astana track falls under the name of the political process, but this path takes a military character since the beginning of the Astana meetings, the military borders of the conflicting parties in the country are drawn, so this path is a purely military one, ignoring the demands of the Syrians.

All Astana files failed, except for the attack on the Autonomous Administration

In this regard, al-Khalaf, spoke to ANHA agency, saying: “There are many issues on the dialogue table in the Astana meetings, such as de-escalation and a truce between the conflicting parties in Idlib. The file of refugees and humanitarian organizations is also discussed, but all of them failed. "

Muna added, "one of the Astana's outcomes, is the attack on the AANES. We condemn and denounce the Astana statement. The AANES is a democratic administration that carries a Syrian national project that gives all components their rights and their participation in administrations because it is based on the principle of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence."

She noted: “These forces do not want such a project to succeed within this region, because their goals are to divide the Syrian territories, especially in the northeastern regions of Syria rich in resources.”

It has brought nothing but destruction to the Syrian people

And Muna continued: “These meetings have brought the Syrian people nothing but devastation. This is what we observe at the present time on the land of northeastern Syria in terms of violations of the borders areas, and Idlib is clear evidence that these meetings failed to carry out their duty to stop these violations in these areas."

Muna concluded her speech by saying: “We, as a Syrian national democratic alliance, have seen since the beginning of the Syrian crisis that this can only be resolved through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, and we are with the activation of this dialogue, and with the presence of all the conflicting parties with different views, and sit down to a single dialogue table in order to produce outcomes that satisfy all the Syrian people, without the need for external meetings.



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