At 42 Russian-Turkish patrol, fewer Turkish occupation vehicles

The joint patrol between the Russian military police and the Turkish occupation forces in the countryside of Ad-Darbasiyyah and Zarkan sub-districts witnessed a shortage in the number of occupation vehicles, unlike previous patrols.

In accordance with the Sochi Agreement signed on October 22, 2019, today, Russian police run the 42 joint patrol with the Turkish occupation in a number of villages in Ad-Darbasiyah and Zarkan districts.

The Russian-Turkish joint patrol set off from the border village of Sherk, 13 km west of Ad-Darbasiyah.

The 42 patrol consisted of 5 Russian and 4 armored vehicles of the Turkish occupation forces, accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

The previous joint patrols in the countryside of Ad-Darbasiyah and Zarkan sub-districts consisted of the same number of armored vehicles, unlike today's patrol, which witnessed a shortage of Turkish occupation vehicles.

The patrol went to a number of villages in western Ad-Darbasiyah,: "Dhahr al-Arab, Kesra, Kairouan, Karkand, Hajogli, Atyishan and Quneitra."

The patrol did not change its course, returning from the same road to the village of Sherk, and the Turkish occupation vehicles entered Turkish territory, while the Russian vehicles moved towards Qamishlo city.



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