At least 13 Turkish soldiers killed in HPG's operations

HPG operations in Sîdkan area and Celê district resulted in Killing of 18 Turkish soldiers.


HPG 's media center said that their forces carried out operations on  October 25 in Sîdkan of Başûr area (south of Kurdistan) and Celê district in Colemêrg city of Bakur (northern Kurdistan). The center also noted that their forces launched operations against the positions of the Turkish occupation In Şernax city, and the results are not yet clear, during a statement.

Killing of 14 soldiers and destroying 5 sites of the Turkish occupation in Sîdkan

The center revealed through the statement ,the results of the operations carried out in Sîdkan. "On October 25, at 09:00 hours, our forces carried out an operation in Elî Dirêj area in Sîdkan against the Turkish occupation army.

Strong blows were directed to the Turkish occupation during the operation, in the operations 14 soldiers of the Turkish occupation were killed, in addition to the destruction of 5 sites. "

3 operations were carried out : 4 soldiers killed and 3 sites destroyed

The center also revealed through the statement about the operations carried out on Xeregol hill in Celê area on October 25, and confirmed the killing of 4 soldiers of the Turkish occupation.

"3 operations were carried out on Xeregol hill in Celê area in Colemêrg city at 09:00, 10:30 and 12:45, when heavy military strikes were launched against the enemy, during which 3 sites of the Turkish occupation were destroyed.

The center also said in a statement that the Turkish occupation launched an attack on October 23, on the squares of " Kursê Keça, Yildiz Tepesî and Akêtê village of Cûdî mount in Şernax.

The statement added  " on October 24 at 13 o'clock : 00, our forces carried out an operation in Yildiz Tepesî in the framework of the revolutionary campaign in the name of martyr Delal and martyrs of Basta, against the Turkish occupation forces. Two sides of the enemy were hit and a site was destroyed, so far the number of enemy dead and wounded has not been identified. After the operation, the Turkish occupation withdrew from the area at 14:30 without reaching a result."



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