Attack on a military base hosting American forces in Kirkuk

Yesterday evening a Katyusha missile landed on the "K1" base in Kirkuk, which includes a regiment of the American forces.

The "Arab Net" network confirmed from Iraqi security sources that the missile landed on the base that includes a regiment of the American forces, the headquarters of the Sixth Division of the Federal Police, the headquarters of the Special Force Regiment of the 61st Brigade and the headquarters of the Kirkuk anti-terrorist regiment.

The network added “The American warplanes flew over the city at low altitudes, despite bad weather, after the base was bombed.”

This is the first attack on the base known as "K1" since last December 27, when it bombed several rocket-propelled grenades at the time, killing an American civilian, and Washington blamed this attack on Hezbollah groups.

Days later, America retaliated with several strikes, and killed 25 fighters from the Popular Mobilization that pushed its supporters to attack the American embassy in an unprecedented move. Then, days later, Washington targeted the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, in a US raid in the vicinity of Baghdad International Airport in January 3 Last January.


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