Attack on a Turkish point; occupation brings its troops to area

The forces of the regime bombed this morning one of the points of the Turkish occupation in the village of Sher Maghar west of Hama, with the continued mobilization of the Turkish occupation forces within the so-called "de-escalation" area.

A new military convoy belonging to the Turkish occupation entered the Syrian territory through the Khirbet al-Jawz crossing on the border with Iskenderun early Thursday. The convoy included more than 10 vehicles and reached the point Turkey occupies.

With the entry of the convoy, the regime forces launched a rocket attack on the village of Sher Maghar this morning, where some shells landed in the Turkish point and near it, causing a fire in the region, in a recently frequent incident.

The regime's bombing on the Turkish occupation points comes after the Turkish mercenaries launched an attack on the Russian base of Hameimim yesterday with drones and rockets.

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