Attacks on Idlib raise concerns of international organizations, new sanctions on Tehran

Press reports indicate that the increased attacks by the Russians and the regime on Idlib have caused a humanitarian disaster. As Washington seeks to increase restrictions on Iran's nuclear program.

The international press reported on Saturday touched upon the attacks of the regime and the Russians on the service facilities in Idlib, as well as the imposition of US nuclear sanctions on Iran.

The attacks of the regime and the Russians on Idlib raise the concerns of the international community

The US Wall Street Journal reported dropping explosive barrels on villages bordering the front line separating mercenaries backed by Turkey and the regime.

The regime and Russia stepped up air strikes, dropping bombs on Syria's last mercenary stronghold, renewing fears of a military offensive to restore the region despite a UN warning it would lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The raids targeted civilian areas, including hospitals, according to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations.

Washington is working to impose sanctions on the export of Iranian uranium

The Trump administration will intensify pressure on Tehran, but will allow Russia and European countries to continue working on nuclear sites without imposing US sanctions, The Times of Israel newspaper reported.

US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo stressed sanctions on Iran on Friday by increasing restrictions on Iran's nuclear program.

Trump's administration on Friday opposed Iran's efforts to expand its nuclear program by rejecting exemptions for Iranian uranium enrichment and heavy water storage.

A senior US official said the United States has renewed exemptions from sanctions allowing Russia and European countries to conduct civilian nuclear cooperation with Iran.

The US State Department said in a statement that starting today, any assistance to expand Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant could be subject to sanctions as well as to any activities involving the transfer of enriched uranium outside Iran to replace it with natural uranium.



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