Atti: Separation wall violates international laws

Lawyer Badrakhan Atti pointed out that the construction of the occupation wall in Afrin means the division of Syrian territory, yet the Syrian regime remains silent about this.

On this subject, the lawyer Badrakhan Atti from the city of Kobani said that the construction of the wall in Afrin aims to separate it from Syrian territory, which is contrary to international laws, yet the world is silent about its construction.

'The Turkish occupation state is training mercenaries'

Atti continued his speech saying, "In the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, some forces stood up to the Syrian regime in the name of the Free Army to spread justice and equality in Syria, but these same forces are now helping the Turkish occupation army in Afrin in dividing and separating the Syrian territories. The Free Army helps the Turkish occupation, and its members receive their training in Turkey and are sent to Syria so those people who have received their training in Turkey help Turkey and share their interests with it."

'Building the wall is contrary to international laws'

He pointed out that "the construction of the partition wall in Afrin contradicts all international laws and conventions, noting that the aim of the Turkish state is to plunder the region's goods, strengthen its occupation and control over the peoples of Syria and the restoration of the Ottoman Empire."

Atti also stressed that the construction of the separation wall in Afrin means the division of the Syrian territory, "A year has passed and the Turkish occupation state continues its violations against the people and the area of Afrin. Afrin is part of the Syrian territory, but the Syrian regime does not show any attitude to the occupation of Afrin, and this mean that there is agreement between Russia and Turkey, so the regime and Russia are silent for their interests."

'The international community to put an end to the Turkish state'

The lawyer Badrakhan Atti concluded by saying, "The Turkish occupation state continues its threats against the north and east areas of Syria on a daily basis. Turkey has no right to occupy Syrian territory, as well as the occupation of Afrin. The international community and all those who advocate human rights should stop the Turkish occupation state and put an end to the occupation of Afrin."



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