Australia appreciates  efforts of AA, SDF

The representative of the Australian Foreign Office to the regions of North and East Syria has appreciated the efforts made by the AA and SDF to combat the terrorism of Daesh, saying, "We know that the Autonomous Administration(AA) has carried the burden of defeating Daesh's mercenaries and the refugees and displaced Syrians, as well as it received the families of Daesh in these areas."

Australian Foreign Office John Philip, visited the Foreign Relations Department of North and East Syria's AA in the city of Qamaishlo and was received by the Co-Chair of the Administration, Abdul Karim Omar, and the joint vice president Abeer Alia.

During a closed-door meeting, the two sides discussed several issues, during a press conference held in the Bureau of Relations after the meeting.

During the conference, which was attended by several media outlets, Abdul Karim Omar, thanked the Australian Foreign Representative John Philip for his visit to the region.

Abdul Karim Omar revealed that the two sides discussed and exchanged important strategic issues together on the Syrian crisis which entered its ninth year, which left thousands of victims and displaced persons and huge destruction in the structures, and the role of SDF and the Global Coalition in eliminating mercenaries.

Omar noted that they discussed with the representative of the Australian Foreign Affairs the challenges facing AA after the elimination of Daesh mercenaries, including sleeper cells in the region and how to eliminate them, and how to combat the ideology of Daesh in the areas that have been recently liberated, adding "We discussed the reality of services and how to work together, support to serve the areas that were destroyed as a result of Daesh's attacks, to prevent Daesh from returning to the region again. "

"We have talked about foreigners and local mercenaries and the fate of  their families, as well as the presence of thousands of refugees and displaced persons from the Syrian regions, which must be supported by the international community," Omar said.

"We agreed that terrorism cannot be eradicated without a radical solution to the Syrian crisis in a democratic national manner, and the building of a new, decentralized democratic Syria," he said.

Omar said in the same context, "we stressed that Syria must be decentralized to reduce the return of tyranny and dictatorship again. "

Omar said that the two sides discussed the need to prosecute mercenaries in the areas of AA. He said: "They were arrested in these areas and here there is all evidence of their crimes committed on this land. We affirmed our right to prosecute these terrorists according to the international laws."

We have agreed to find a mechanism to prosecute Daesh's mercenaries

"The Australian government recognizes and appreciate the efforts made by the AA and the SDF to combat the terrorism of Daesh, and we know that AA carried out the burdens of refugees and displaced persons," John Philip said.

John Philip explained that he discussed with the Department of Foreign Relations how to reduce the pressures facing AA, and said: "We agreed to find a mechanism to hold accountable and prosecute mercenaries, and we will discuss the details in the future, and discussed the need for all parties involved in the process of political settlement in the future to resolve the Syrian crisis."



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