​​​​​​​Autonomous Administration launches campaign to impose no-fly zone on the region

Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced the launch of a campaign on social media platforms to demand the imposition of no-fly zone on the regions of NE Syria to stop the Turkish attacks.

The announcement of the campaign came through a statement made by the Autonomous Administration during a press conference this morning. The statement was read by the spokesman of AANES, Luqman Ahmi, at the headquarters of External Relations Department, located in the city of Qamishlo.

At the beginning of its statement, the Autonomous Administration drew attention to the daily attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the region, and added: "The Turkish occupation state continues its occupation attacks on the regions of NE Syria, these attacks that began with the adoption of the region' people the project of AANES, which is a project that preserves the rights of all components of the region, achieves democracy."

Regarding the goals of the Turkish occupation state, the statement made it clear that "the Turkish occupation state, which occupies areas within the Syrian geography, aims to occupy more Syrian lands, as well as undermine the democratic project adopted by the people who sacrificed their life for the stability of the region and the preservation of its security.

The attacks and crimes of Turkish state pose a threat to the lives of millions

The statement added "the Turkish occupation state launched and continues to launch brutal attacks on our regions using drones, warplanes and all kinds of weapons, including internationally prohibited weapons, and since November 19, until now, the Turkish occupation state has escalated its attacks on the region, It committed massacres and crimes against the people who gave thousands of martyrs in the war against terrorism, and fought ISIS on behalf of the entire world, in addition to destroying the infrastructure and service facilities in the region, despite the presence of the guarantors (American and Russian) of the agreements concluded to prevent any military escalation in the region."

And warned that "the attacks and crimes of the Turkish state posed a threat to the lives of millions, and IDPs who sought refuge in north and east Syria as a result of the state of security and stability in this region within our homeland, Syria."

A call to the people of the world to support the campaign

During its statement, AANES announced the launch of a hashtag campaign to impose a no-fly zone on the region, and continued: "We in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and out of our concern for the security and safety of our citizens, we ask our people with all its components, the peoples of the world, and all political, social and diplomatic actors, to support us in our campaign, which we will launch on December 10 (Human Rights Day), on the platforms and websites of social media, to impose no-fly zone on NE Syria."

And explained, "The (hashtag) campaign aims to stop the war machine of the Turkish state from committing massacres and war crimes against our people, and exposing our people and their cultures to the danger of annihilation."

At the end of its statement, called on "everyone to participate in this campaign so that our voice reaches all parts of the world, and we work together to protect the people from the brutality and tyranny of the Turkish occupation state; mercy for our martyrs, victory for our people, and long live the peoples fighting for freedom and democracy."



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