Autonomous Administration reaffirms its political solution to Syrian crisis

 The Deputy Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan Al-Abed, reiterated that the administration is open to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which has preserved Syria's unity, stressing the need for a national dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis away from the military option.

 The Syrian crisis is getting more complicated every day, as a result of the intransigence of the Damascus government and its adherence to the military option, the Turkish intervention in Syrian affairs and the occupation of parts of the country.

 About that, our agency met the Vice-President of the Joint Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan Al-Abed, who said at the beginning of his speech, "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and establishing the Autonomous Administration after the elimination of ISIS and others, the Autonomous Administration has taken the right path, to prove the facts on the ground that  The Syrian Democratic Forces include all components in northeastern Syria, and they defended themselves and their people and were able to eliminate global terrorism represented by ISIS.

 It was the Autonomous Administration that preserved the unity of Syria

 Al-Abed said, "It is the Autonomous Administration that has preserved Syria's unity, fought terrorism and adhered to the unity of the Syrian land in accordance with Resolution 2254. We always say that the Autonomous Administration worked on the principle of no to Syrian fighting, no to the division of Syria, and no to external interference, and accordingly we look forward to dialogue seriously with the regime to solve the Syrian crisis politically, not militarily.

 Al-Abd affirmed that "the opposition, backed by Turkey politically and militarily, does not seek a Syrian solution, but rather implements the foreign agendas of the Turkish state, claiming that it is working for the benefit of the Syrian people. Its latest allegations are what the leaders of the armed factions backed by Turkey have stated to defend Turkish national security, not to protect the Syrian people."

 We are with the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the protection of the Syrian borders

 Hamdan Al-Abed added in his speech, "We are looking forward to protecting all borders, and the Syrian land for all, and we are looking forward to a Syrian constitution in which everyone agrees in rights and duties, and what was said recently about the existence of meetings between the Autonomous Administration and the Damascus government, is not true.  We hope that the Syrian government will be serious about resolving the crisis, and will sit down at the dialogue table with the Autonomous Administration."

 Al-Abd added, "It is not possible to go back to before 2011, due to the displacement of people and the destruction of cities, external interference and the displacement of Syrians, and their departure to all parts of the world," stressing that "the only solution to the Syrian crisis is the Autonomous Administration project."

Hamdan al-Abed affirmed that "the project of the AANES is not separatist," and went on to say: "We are the ones who preserved the unity of Syria, and we call for the sovereignty of the Syrian state according to the new agreed constitution, which guarantees the rights of all Syrians without excluding anyone. Syria is a beautiful mosaic, it is not ruled by neither a majority nor a minority nor a radical nor an Islamic one, but it is governed by a civil law agreed upon by all within the constitution.”

 Al-Abd referred to the “existing understandings since 2019, by the Russian-Turkish consensus, after the occupation of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, where Turkey and the United States agreed on a ceasefire, but Turkey did not adhere to this, through the media war and its statements of occupying other areas of the country."

 Al-Abed added, "The Syrian army is on the contact lines with the Turkish occupation army. The Syrian state must protect its borders, and we in the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces hope for agreement between the military forces and we are part of Syria, and have to protect its borders."

 Radical and Islamic forces are fighting the Syrian Democratic Forces

 "We hope that there will be a political dialogue that amounts to a national sense with all Syrian parties, but the Damascus government still insists on extending its control over the entire Syrian territory regardless of the Autonomous Administration, and treats it according to Law 107 as a local administration," al-Abed noted.

 Al-Abed concluded his speech by saying, "We are looking with the Syrian army and the Syrian government to protect the Syrian borders, and then the political dialogue around the dialogue table. This is an internal matter that we Syrians are solving. We do not want external interference and what others dictate to the opposition that claims to protect the Syrians."



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