Avein Sewied: Attacks on NE, Syria escalated violence against women

Avein Sewied indicated that the Kongra Star organizes itself according to the requirements of the stage, and that its struggle continues to unify the struggle of women for freedom in the world, noting that the attacks on the region were the cause of the high intensity and the rate of violence against women, stressing the continuation of the struggle against the approach of women fighters and revolutionaries who have illuminated Freedom path for them.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Kongra Star, Hawar news agency (ANHA) held a meeting with the spokeswoman for Kongra Star, Avein Sewied, in which she talked about the circumstances in which the Star Union was established, and its reorganization and change of its structure to become Kongra Star, in addition to the struggle of women during the past years.

The beginning of the formation of the Star Union and its arrival at Kongra Star indicates the greatness of the struggle of women

At the beginning of her talk, Avein Sewied touched upon the circumstances in which Union Star was established on January 15, 2005, which later turned into a Kongra Star in 2016, saying: “The women's movement in Rojava started in an orderly manner with the establishment of Etihad Star in 2005. And, given the circumstances in which the union was founded, with a small number of women, and its attainment to the level we are seeing today, it shows the greatness of the struggle that women have fought for freedom. "

According to the stage requirements, a decision was made to change the name of the Star Union to Kongra Star.

Avein Sewied said that the developments in the region, especially Rojava revolution, were the main reason for taking important decisions regarding the struggle of women in Rojava, and she said in this context: "In our sixth conference held in 2016, it was necessary to reorganize The struggle of the Union Star according to the requirements of the stage, as many institutions for women in the region were formed and established, and for this it was necessary to form an organization that would be an umbrella for all these institutions, and for this the structure of the Union was reorganized and transformed into a Kongra Star.

ꞌ The committees had an active role in consolidating the organization and struggle of women

She noted that the Kongra Star includes 10 committees, including social protection, political, media, and all these committees organize themselves according to the cantons in Rojava, and continued by saying: "The most effective committee in the Kongra Star, was the training committee that was formed since the beginning of the formation of the Star Union, It had a great role in educating women, and this committee has evolved so much that it has opened courses in al-Shahba and Kobani for men as well. ”

And explained that the Women's Justice Committee, which started its work within the role of women in the region, also played an active role in society, adding that "the Women's Justice Committee, the role of women, and the reconciliation committees, were organized again under supervision of the Women's Justice Council, and that the protection committees She also developed her struggle and work, within the community-protection forces - women, and women's Asayish, in addition to women's offices within the municipalities of the people, had an effective role in organizing workers within the municipalities, and they had special projects for women within these municipalities, and given the success achieved by women, specialization was made 10% of the municipal allocations for women projects ."

Our diplomatic struggle is to establish a unity for world 's women

On diplomatic work, Avein Sewied said, "When we talk about diplomatic work, we must address internal diplomacy, Kongra Star has worked since the beginning of the revolution to develop its relations with women of all Syrian components, in Rojava, and this was one of the priorities of our struggle, and with the escalation of recent attacks on In the region, there was communication with women at home and abroad, as women rose up everywhere in the campaign (Women protect Rojava), and about 30 committees were formed in this regard in more than 30 countries, meaning that the Kongra Star was able to communicate with all women's institutions and organizations and the goal is to establish unity among all the women of the world, as our committee documented violations and practices committed against women and children, during attacks on Afrin, Girê Spî/Tel-Abyed and Serêkaniyê/ Ras-Al-Ain, many files have been prepared and sent it to to the concerned authorities in the world. "

Attacks on our areas have caused the intensity and level of violence against women

Avene Sweid said: The attacks on NE, Syria constituted another type of violence against women in the region, and followed: "After the attacks on Afrin, Serêkaniyê/ Ras-Al-Ain, and Girê Spî / Tal Abyad, the intensity and level of violence against women increased, and violence was not limited to The home, where women are targeted and their leading role in society directly, and the practices and violations committed against women in 2019 are the best evidence of this."



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