​​​​​​​Avin Juma: Turkish state violates UN Convention for the Protection of Refugee

The administrator of the Human Rights in Jazira region, Avin Juma, commented on the refugee situation in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey that the Turkish fascist state exploits and uses refugees on the one hand and violates their rights and subjects them to torture and murder in violation of the UN Refugee Protection Convention on the other.

AKP Government commits numerous inhumane practices in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey. Those who highlight these events, such as politicians, journalists and peoples demanding freedom, were arrested or killed as a result of the Turkish state's current policy of authoritarianism.

Turkish state's fascist practices are not limited to the citizens of Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey, but also exploit refugees and aim to kill them as a result of the racism they spread within Turkey. Apart from the killing of refugees in the streets, soldiers and guards in a village belonging to Saraya Wan recently shot at a refugee's car, killing a refugee and wounding at least nine other refugees. Video scenes broadcast by the Furat news agency show children among them.


Member of Human Rights in Jazira region, Avin Juma, spoke; to ANHA’s on this subject, emphasizing that the Turkish state's authoritarian approach to refugees is inconsistent with international law and stating: "At the outset I received large numbers of refugees, those who had been exploited economically in favor of Turkey. In a period, the Turkish state opened its borders to Syrian citizens and it entered millions of people. Now, it has changed its policy and started targeting anyone who approaches the border, abducts them, tortures them and kills them. Dozens of such incidents have been documented. "

Avin Juma noted that there were a number of refugees inside Turkey and lived in the camps, villages and cities, and continued: "We hear every day through the media the damage done to these Syrian refugees. They exploit the young children and do not give them their wages on the one hand, making them soldiers, beating them and killing them on the other, did not lift a finger about what happened.

Avin Juma commented on the human rights situation in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey, noting that according to reports published by the United Nations, Turkey's human rights level was significantly declining. Citizens and refugees in northern Syria and Bakur Turkey are subjected to torture, kidnapping and detention.

In its report on Turkey, the Commission of the European Union had announced the decline in democracy and human rights in 2021, while the report also assessed the political, press and social situation in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey.

Avin Juma drew attention to the suffering of politicians, journalists, the peoples of Bakur and Turkey, and continued: "Many citizens are arrested and spend years of their lives in prisons. Syrian refugees are barely treated as refugees, forcing them into Turkey and trying them in their courts with sentences sometimes up to life imprisonment. "

It can be said that Turkey has turned into a large prison with thousands of people from politicians, intellectuals, journalists and protectors of the homeland. They include large numbers of Syrians.

In conclusion, she called on associations and organizations that describes its self as democracy and demand human rights, saying: "It is necessary to stop in the situation of people in Turkey, where they are seriously affected. The concerned party shall act in accordance with this situation, people have nowhere to go because their courts are also linked to government policy.”



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