Awadallah: Ocalan's statements are lifeline to Syria, its people from war's atrocities

The Egyptian journalist and specialist in the Syrian and Kurdish affairs Muhsin Awadallah confirmed that the statements of leader Ocalan in resolving the Syrian crisis touch reality and represent the "lifeline to Syria and its people from the civil war that has been destroying Man and stone in the Levant since 2011." "The international community must support the experience of the Autonomous Administration." he said.

The brother of the Kurdish people's leader, Muhamad Ocalan, met with leader Abdullah Ocalan in the morning of al-Fitr and told the media that the leader spoke about the current situation in northern and eastern Syria. "The people of northern Syria have to fight more for, but the whole Syrian people must join this struggle, and the rest of the people should join this struggle in order to protect Syrian unity, the Syrian people must live a common life. If they can apply this model, no force will be able to harm them."

Ocalan's statements represent the lifeline to Syria and its people from the civil war

In the opinion of the journalist specializing in Syrian affairs and researcher in Kurdish affairs and blogger interested in Middle East issues and the crises of the Egyptian region Mohsen Awadallah, the statements of leader Ocalan are logical and touch the reality of the theory of the democratic nation and the brotherhood of peoples launched by the (prisoner) philosopher, he also considered these statements as the lifeline to Syria and its people from the civil war that has been destroying Man and stone in the land of the Levant since 2011.

Mohsen Awadallah explained that all solutions to solve the Syrian crisis have failed, all initiatives have been aborted, and there is no solution but to recognize all the components and represent them in the Autonomous Administration or a governing council, as is the case in northern Syria. "The people of Syria must continue their struggle, support the experience of autonomous administration and contribute to its replication and generalize it through Syria, there is no solution but the coexistence and acceptance of one another between all components in a way that eliminates with it sectarian, religious and ethnic differences; thus, the Muslim guards the temple of the Yazidi, and the Syriac participates in the protection of the mosque where they stand together in one row under the roof of the law."

Democratic nation is sole solution to the Syrian crisis

Mohsen Awadallah also explained that the people of Syria are required to realize the nature of the stage and the size of the conspiracies targeting them. Everyone should realize that the policy of exclusion and racial discrimination will only bring more bloodshed. "There is no solution but for everyone to step back with the rest of the components to begin with Syria a new page according to the theory of the democratic nation and brotherhood of peoples, noting that Ocalan's theory is the sole and practical solution to the Syrian crisis.

Leader Ocalan, in a letter his lawyer held in September 22 to the hunger strikers condemning the severe isolation the Turkish authorities gradually imposed on the leader since 2011 to the pre-meeting, briefly addressed the current situation in Syria and said: "will play a positive role in solving the Syrian crisis in the event that conditions have been created. " In this regard, Mohsen Awadallah stressed that the world should pressure Turkey to stop its violations and threats to the north of Syria. "It is therefore necessary to ease the prison conditions of Mr. Ocalan, even if pressure can be exerted to release him," he said.

Mohsen Awadallah concluded asserting the need for the international community to politically and socially support the Autonomous Administration experience, so that the Autonomous Administration can improve its services and raise the standard of living of its citizens in a way that strengthens the power of the administration and deepens the success of its political project which will be a starting point for solving the Syrian crisis.



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