Azad Oso: instead of threats, Syrian gov should liberate occupied territories

"The Syrian government should liberate the territory occupied by Turkey before launching threats against the liberated north and east of Syria areas," said the head of the Future Syria Party's branch in the Euphrates region Azad Oso.


In response to statements made by Syrian defense minister Ali Abdullah Ayoub, in which he threatened the areas of northern and eastern Syria, Azad Oso, head of the Syrian Future Party's branch in the Euphrates region said that the Syrian government should liberate the areas occupied by Turkey, which extend between the towns of Azaz, al-Bab, Jarablus and Afrin.

The Syrian minister said that they would deal with the areas of northern and eastern Syria liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), either "by force or reconciliations", during a joint press conference with the chiefs of staff of the Iraqi army and the Iranian armed forces on March 18.

"We want the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to open the way to a peaceful resolution of the crisis. The Syrian government should amend the constitution to include the rights of all components and spectra of Syrian society in all spheres of life," Azad Oso said.

Oso explained that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are in a state of security and stability and the people of the region are able to manage themselves.

"The Syrian government must give up its authoritarian and racist ideology and accept the other so that everyone can take part in managing their affairs and representing themselves and their will."

"SDF have been able to defeat IS mercenaries in northern and eastern Syria and have worked to protect the area where there is a great wealth from plunder and sabotage, and these goods will be for all Syrians, not only for Kurds," said Azad Oso, head of FSP's branch in the Euphrates region.

The Office of Defense in the Democratic Autonomous Administration confirmed that they are committed to peaceful political solution to the Syrian crisis, explaining that they will not compromise in the legitimate defense of their rights if necessary.


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