Badran Hamo expects Turkish regime may collapse soon

The General Council member of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, Badren Hamo, the successive defeats of the Turkish occupation on the regional level. So, it was forced to export its internal crisis instead of providing the solution that will lead to collapse its system, praising its resistance in north and east Syria that had shown the dirty face of the Turkish state.

the statements of the General Council member of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, Badren Hamo, came during ANHA meeting, who talked about the purpose and ongoing repercussions of the Turkish state on the peoples of the Mid-east and the region generally.

Badren said that” The Kurdish people in the person of its children those who chose the resistance and struggle way to confront the Turkish occupation army in all parts of the Kurdistan.”

Badren deems” the people resistance has great impact on the international public opinion, by disclosing the facts, and it is a victory over fascism through the person of Erdogan and his army."

He went on to say that” Turkish occupation restored to use UAVs in targeting the civilians in NE, Syria, saying” the Turkish state history is full with blood, it is not the first time in the use of the UAVs.”

During his speech offered deepest condolence to the peoples of NE, Syria by the martyrdom the national figure Youssef Gilo with his grandsons by shelling of Turkish occupation UAV.

And about the silence of the the guarantor states that are partner in these attacks and grant it the legitimacy, it is shameful to stand against united peoples and cooperate with a fascist state such as the Turkish occupation state.

He continued, "The Russians are trying to put ANNES under pressure, thinking they can dissuade us from the principles that we have proclaimed since founding."
With regard to relations between the Damascus Government and Ankara, Badran said: "The Turkish statements cannot be taken as an indication of the nature of the relations. For example, Turkey claims before the whole world that it is against the Damascus Government, but at the same time it engages through its intelligence in talks with the Damascus Government and Russia and makes all concessions to end the democratic project.
He noted” it would be better for Russia to create an appropriate basis for dialogue between the AANES and the Damascus Government rather than compromise on the Syrian issue.”

"If all the fascist forces of the world come together before our project, we will not give up; Because the resistance was created to respond to such attacks, "calling on all components to stand together against the Turkish occupying state.”

He concluded his speech by noting that the fiasco of the Turkish occupying state in Yemen, Libya, Egypt and other States in which it intervened through the arms of mercenaries and the Muslim Brotherhood would soon be repeated throughout the Syrian territory to declare the liberation of the entire occupied territory and the return of the displaced.



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