Baha al-Awam: Escalation between Turkey Europeans will continue till London Summit

Syrian writer and journalist Baha al-Awam stressed that the escalation between Turkey and the European Union, whether in the issue of ISIS or the West, will continue until the summit between Erdogan and the leaders of Germany, France and Britain in London early next month, pointing out that either everyone agrees on the situation in northern and eastern Syria We are seeing a new course for Turkish talks with Washington and Moscow.

 The regional and international movement on northern and eastern Syria continues, amid Turkish blackmail to Europe by ISIS and refugees at a time when several separate discussions will be held over the coming days.

Commenting on this, Syrian writer and journalist Baha al-Awam spoke to ANHA agency, saying that "the continued attempts of Turkey and its mercenaries to expand their aggression areas, which are entitled " Operation Peace Spring", have two purposes, military and political."

"The military purpose is to stabilize the areas that have been controlled in the operation. The suggestion is that this operation will not end at the borders of these areas and will be extended if the opportunity arises," he said.

The political purpose is Ankara's assertion that the agreements it has concluded with Moscow and Washington have not completed yet, and there are some points of contention that are still pending and the fronts will not calm down unless they are resolved. "

Regarding Turkey's contradiction in its relations with Washington and Moscow, the journalist said, "Whatever Turkish behavior in northern Syria seems contradictory, he understands in the context of incomplete understandings with the Russians and the Americans. These understandings were not completed not only for points of contention between the three parties, but also for the lack of clarity of US plans in those areas.

So far, the United States has not made up its mind about how it will stay in the region. Until that happens, there will remain an incomprehensible state of behavior for the Russians, the Iranians, and even the SDF.

Everyone understands that his understandings in that place and with any party should be based on the American presence in the region, it is the main determinant of the political and military equations in the eastern Euphrates. "

Regarding the tension between Turkey and the EU, Al-Awam pointed out that "the continuous escalation between Turkey and the European Union can be understood both in the issue of Western and refugee issues. This escalation will continue until the summit between Erdogan and the leaders of Germany, France and Britain is held in London early next month. The problems associated with the safe zone in northern Syria, or we can see a change in the course of the negotiations of the Turks with the Russians and the Americans. "

"The Turks' agreement with the Europeans will only be done with US blessing, and it could carry a standoff between Ankara and Moscow at some points. But one important point that the northern Kurds and the SDF should be aware of is that the agreement between Turkey and the EU does not necessarily have to be in their favor," he said.

"So far, all the messages from NATO and the European Union say that the Europeans want to maintain that strategic alliance with Turkey and do not want to confront it," the Syrian journalist concluded.





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