Bakr Alou: Autonomous Administration is on duty in managing  displaced affairs

The Co-Head of the Executive Council of Afrin region Bakr Alou said Afrin people realized the reality of the occupation efforts and objectives. Therefore, they insisted on staying in al-Shahba despite suffering and siege. He stressed that the Autonomous Administration is on duty in managing  the  affairs of Afrin displaced.

 In conjunction with the sixth anniversary of the establishment  of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Afrin canton on January 29, 2014, the Co-Head of the Executive Council of Afrin canton Bakr Alou spoke to Hawar news agency about the administration’s accomplishments in Afrin before the occupation. He also talked about the role of the administration in managing the affairs of  Afrin forcibly displaced to al-Shahba canton.

In the beginning, he recalled the martyrs who sacrificed their life to protect the gains of the Autonomous Administration. He said: "Afrin canton was organized and secure at a time when Syria was experiencing a continued major crisis. Afrin people established an Autonomous Administration to organize their economic, political and social affairs. They welcomed the displaced  from all regions. The Syrians lived with them without distinction, and the first seeds of the democratic nation came up."

Afrin occupation targeted the experience of the Autonomous Administration and the approach of the democratic nation

Bakr stressed that the attack on Afrin targeted the experience of the Autonomous Administration, "Justice and Development government’s  attack on Afrin targeted the Autonomous Administration in Afrin, and the administration project of the democratic nation."

Bakr said that the experience that the people gained through the Autonomous Administration was carried out in al-Shahba canton after their forced displacement to it, "Al-Shahba canton witnessed in the past years wars and many battles before its liberation, the infrastructure was completely destroyed, the majority of houses were destroyed and mined, but the people benefited from the experience of the Autonomous Administration in Afrin, and organized their affairs through the communes and councils in al-Shahba canton."

Afrin liberation begins from the ongoing steadfastness in al-Shahba

Bakr addressed the situation of Afrin forcibly displaced to al-Shahba and the violations and siege imposed by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation. He said in this regard: "The mercenaries have not only imposed a blockade on al-Shahba areas, but continue to shell the populated areas. All this did not deter the people from continuing the resistance. The people here and through the communes intellectual trainings receive and work to secure their basic needs despite suffering and tragedies, and they are aware of this fact, but accept it and continue to resist."

The Autonomous Administration is on duty in managing the displaced affairs

The Autonomous Administration is on duty in managing the affairs of the displaced. Alou talked about the Autonomous Administration’s accomplished work since the displacement: "The Autonomous Administration provided the people with electricity, distributed 21,000 amps to all the liberated villages, and provided food aid twice a month, in addition to securing drinking water, medicines and medical treatment to parents as well as to expatriates from outside the canton. Securing education for tens of thousands of Afrin children was our priority, as education began in tents and semi-destroyed houses, and parents supported the administration in these steps."

"The Syrian regime is obstructing the aid to al-Shahba people and imposing customs duties on everything , such as medicines, fuel and food. The international organizations offer nothing contrary to what they sometimes promote," he said

Alou ended up stressing that Afrin canton and its people are being violated by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. "There is a saying of the French novelist Victor Hugo that says from here, the Turks passed, and everything is ruined. This saying is confirmed through the reality imposed in Afrin, where olive trees are cut off, and antiquities are excavated and looted, some of which date back to thousands of years."



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