Bani al-Asidi clan's sheikh: Turkish occupation's goal in region is to create strife, plunder assets

Sheikh Mohamed Sadeq al-Asidi, the sheikh of Bani al-Asidi tribe indicated that the Turkish occupation practices violations and crimes against the Syrian people with all its components, as it does not help the Syrian people as it claims, but rather wants to create colonial plans to plunder the goods of the Syrian lands.

The Turkish occupation seeks to plunder the wealth of the Syrian lands and annex its lands to Turkey by carrying out several violations against civilians in the occupied areas; kidnapping, looting, demographic change, obliterating the Syrian identity and culture, and creating sedition to undermine security and stability in the regions of north and east Syria.

The sheikh of Bani al-Asidi tribe, Mohamed Sadeq al-Asidi, spoke to Hawar news agency saying: "The Turkish occupation has practiced since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution 10 years ago the most heinous crimes and violations against the Syrian people, called for freedom and false justice for the Syrian people, while seeking to fight the Syrian people with each other to plunder Syrian lands through the armed factions that serve it, so it plundered and transferred Aleppo and Sheikh Najjar factories and irrigation pumps from Syria to Turkey.

Mohamed Sadeq stated: "The goal of the Turkish occupation state is to sabotage the Syrian lands and destroy the thought of the Syrian people through takfiri ideological attacks by introducing terrorist groups and mercenaries of ISIS terrorist across its borders."

Mohamed Sadeq added: "The Turkish occupation has supported the armed groups for the fighting of the Syrian people with each other. When it occupied Afrin, Serêkaniyê, and Girê Spî, it committed the most heinous crimes against humanity, including displacement, kidnapping, theft of private and public property, in addition to changing the demographics of the region."

Mohamed Sadeq explained: "The Turkish occupation realized that the sheikhs and elders of the tribes are the nucleus of the Syrian people, so it targeted them through sleeper cells to sow discord between the tribal leaders and the Autonomous Administration, but the tribesmen in Syria realized this conspiracy against the people in Syria, so they got united to stand up to the plans of the Turkish occupation which seeks to sabotage Syria."

At the end of his speech, Mohamed Sadeq called on the people of the occupied territories not to be dragged behind the Turkish occupation and not to be led behind the recruitment of their sons to fight their people. The Syrian people, with all its components and religions, live as one people on one land.


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