Barazi: Syria division is Turkey's most important strategic project in region

The member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party said that the wall built by Turkey to isolate Afrin was temporary, and would not succeed to achieve what it aspired against the will of the peoples of the region and the strength of the democratic project proposed in north and east Syria. He added, "The project of dividing Syria is strategic for Turkey, and the Syrian people must stand beside each other."    

Azad Barazi's talk came during an interview held by our agency, Hawar news agency, with him to talk about the Turkish purposes towards building the division wall in Afrin and the way to end the scheme which Turkey is striving to apply in Syria.

Azad Brazi said, "The wall which is being built by Turkey currently is not a new scheme, but it has planned for that since time, and that was clear since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and its intervention in it, as it started its project in 2012 when it intervened in Serê Kanîyê."  

He continued, "To apply its project, Turkey relies on two key points; one of them is the Melli Charter proposed clearly and openly by the Turkish military politicians recursively, and the other is the traitors of the area." 

Barazi made clear, "The Melli Charter which Turkey is seeking to achieve considers the areas from Iskenderun, Aleppo, al-Raqqa, al-Jazeera, Kirkuk and Sinjar Turkish territories."  

Azad Barazi noted, "The emergency of the People Protection Units (YPG) foiled the schemes of Turkey in the area, and the project of dividing Syria is a strategic project for Turkey. It has been clear in the current stage that Turkey is still attempting to apply the division project on the territories under its domination."

He pointed out, "The wall set up by Turkey to isolate Afrin is tentative, and Turkey will not succeed to achieve what it aspires against the will of the area's peoples and the strength of the democratic project presented in north and east Syria."

Barazi noted, "The occupation wall is a Turkish attempt to protect its gains in the area and annex the areas it occupied, but all its project will fail."

He assured that the international law did not allow any country to intervene in the affairs of another country, and he said, "Syria is a country with sovereignty and a member in the UN."

Azad Barazi described Tukey as an occupying state and cited his speech by its occupation to Cyprus in 1974, he continued, "Turkey was and is still an occupying state."

Barazi made clear, "Victory comes with will and resistance by the people of the area and the unification of the components of all the Syrian people."

Azad Barazi called for the coalition countries and the concerned sides to do their job protecting the international law to cease the Turkish violations.

He concluded his speech saying, "Supporting the military forces and resistance are the guarantee to defeat colonialism."


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