​​​​​​​Battle of Zap and Avashin, new art of guerrilla war - ŞUKRU GEDÎK

 They are brutally seeking to continue the occupation's attacks on Southern Kurdistan.  The military operation called "Locking Al-Makhlaf" continues more than as a military operation, but as an unknown war.  This battle is not a battle between two armies, nor is it a traditional battle.  It is a relentless war of resistance waged by a group of guerrillas in a narrow area, against a large army of the state and its supporters.

 This war, which began on April 18, has been going on for about two months.  When we look at the outcome of the war over the past two months, it is very clear that control is in the hands of the guerrillas.  If this continues, this will be the last battle in which the Turkish army will be defeated.  Perhaps the greatest advantage of this war is that it reveals the will of man that goes beyond the physical capabilities. It is the pinnacle of loyalty, courage and sacrifice and proof that the spirit of sacrifice can not be defeated.

 The battle of Zap and Avashin proved to us many things.  It is a concrete embodiment of the saying "The most powerful technology is man".  "So far, 6 types of chemical gas weapons have been used," a statement issued by the HPG command said, which proves the weakness and impotence of the enemy.  In addition to chemical weapons, we learned from the statements of the leadership of the Peoples  Defense Forces that despite the continuous air and ground bombardment day and night, the desired results were not achieved in the Guerilla areas.

 If we consider the number of army troops fighting against guerrillas, the number, equipment, types of chemical gas weapons, the latest modern technologies, the number of planes and ammunition that were used, one can predict and confirm the failure of the Turkish state.  The small number of guerrillas, and the number of bombs dropped on every square meter of a narrow part of Zap and Avashin so far, is much greater than what is happening in Ukraine.  During these two months, they could not advance an inch, which already proves the defeat of the Turkish army.  One could say that the patriarchal guerrilla forces ushered in a new era in the art of war.  This asymmetric warfare in all respects cannot be defined in any other way.

 Unfortunately, the fascist Turkish army is not alone in this dirty war.  The strength of NATO behind it must be seen as well as the betrayal of the KDP.  The Turkish army, the second largest in NATO, also added to its arsenal terrorist groups such as ISIS and considers itself a giant, but was defeated in Zap and Avashin in the face of the guerrilla.

 Dictator Erdogan, the leader of the fascist Turkish state, does not recognize any limits in his hostility to the Kurds.  He lives the dirtiest and weakest phases of his power.  By activating military violence and offensive hysteria, he tries to say "After me there will be a storm" and goes to war.  He faces a situation that does more harm than good.  His attempt at both battles would be his last.  Despite all the advanced modern technologies of military warfare and all kinds of tactics, it did not bring any results.

 The other side of this war is psychological and multi-formal warfare.  Despite all the black propaganda, the AKP leader had to accept the reality of the war.  When the soldiers' bodies returned, he said, "We have martyrs, but the losses are much more," and tried to reassure himself.  But if the guerrilla losses were as great as he claims, it would have been easier for him to enter the Zap and Avashin.  Sooner or later, they will realize that they will not be able to achieve any results by fabricating and hiding the corpses of soldiers.

 The dictator Erdogan, as the commander-in-chief of the army that was defeated in the face of the guerrillas in Zap and Avashin, can only wear military uniforms, is now looking forward to attacking the civilian population in Rojava.  Dictator Erdogan today is like the prosperity of the modern Kurdish people.  He eats human flesh and drinks blood.  It took the lives of millions of people during the Syrian civil war.  Millions of people have been displaced and displaced.  Torture, rape, kidnapping, ransom, and other forms of violence were all ways to maintain his power.

 Erdogan's power, seeking a return to the dark ages, is coming to an end.  It is no longer possible to stay in power.  No matter what plots he carries out, whatever tactics he uses, and wherever he attacks, he will not be able to escape his inevitable end, the curse of the people of Kurdistan, nor the wrath of the guerrillas.

 Threats of an attack on Rojava are not new.  Their endeavor to occupy up to 30 km depth, may be the last campaign on Rojava which may prove deadly for them.  If his greed falls on people's homes, property, and dignity, and he occupies Rojava, the people will certainly not stand idly by.  Through Rojava, they seek to heal the garage they injured in Zab and Ava Shen.  But these calculations are wrong.  Of course, the leaders of the People's Protection Units, Women's Protection Units (YPG) and the SDF declared to the public that "the results will be dire."  Officials in Rojava and representatives of the Autonomous Administration have previously confirmed that they are "ready to confront any attack." It seems that there are new surprises in Rojava for the Turkish army, which was defeated in Zab and Avashin.