Because of its violation of human rights ... Britain withdraws investments from Qatar

The British authorities resorted to withdrawing investments worth 6 million pounds sterling from Qatar after several reports of violations of human rights, and that more than 28 thousand foreign workers are living under bitter conditions.

The Commissioner for Police and Crime in the British Sussex county, Kitty Born, decided to withdraw an investment of 6 million pounds sterling from Qatar, after criticism from an independent committee to audit the accounts of this investment due to concerns about human rights violations.

The Police Commissioner said that she shared concerns with others about the human rights situation in Qatar, noting that she had ordered the withdrawal of investments and had requested a comprehensive review of all the British investment portfolio in the Gulf state.

Mike Heep, a member of the Audit Committee said: "Lending money to Qatar seems inconsistent with everything we say about equality, pluralism, and how we can do our work," in a clear criticism of British investments in Qatar because of its poor human rights record.

The British authorities invested 20 million pounds sterling (about 25 million dollars) in Qatar during the year 2019.

It was reported that the amount of 6 million pounds sterling which was withdrawn represents more than half of the Commissioner of Police and Crime's investments amounting to 11.4 million pounds as of last March, and the total investment volume was 46.5 million pounds in the previous year, slightly less than half of it went to Qatar.

In a related context, "Human Rights Watch" published a report last August, stating that 10 years after Qatar won hosting the 2022 World Cup, foreign workers there are still suffering from significant delay in paying wages, or paying them with discounts or not paying at other times.


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