Bedran Jia Kurd: The visit will be an important step towards a sound political solution

Bedran Jia Kurd, pointed out that their visit was at the invitation of Macron who stressed the intensification of the efforts to make the Autonomous Administration participate in the political process, adding that it was stressed the need to find a formula for the prosecution of Daesh mercenaries, and they also discussed the situation in Afrin and the negative role of the Turkish state in the region, and that this visit will be an important step in toward a sound political solution.

The Advisor of the Autonomous Administration of  North and East Syria, Bedran Jia Kurd, made a special statement to our agency(ANHA) about the visit of their delegation to France and their meeting with the French officials, led by French President Emmanuel Macron.

Our visit was at the request of the French President

"France is the first European country to receive a delegation of the Autonomous Administration formally by French President Macron, as well as the presence of the Chief of Staff of the French Republic and representatives of the Foreign Ministry and presidential advisers, at the Elysee Palace, where our delegation was received according to the official protocol," he said.

We called for political support for the Autonomous Administration  and to be involved in the talks and the drafting of the constitution.

Bedran said that the visit was valuable, "The important issues of the northern and eastern regions of Syria were discussed. We asked for explicit political support for the Autonomous Administration and to make it a basic part of the general Syrian political solution, and include it to the political solution and the constitution drafting committee .'

French President Manuel Macron said that they will make intensive efforts, to make the Autonomous Administration a  part of the solution, that the administration will participate in the political process."

The French President also stressed his sustained support for the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) in the ongoing anti-terrorism campaigns which have not yet ended, as well as the material support of the administration to address the humanitarian issues accumulated as a result of the wars against Daesh, and a budget was allocated for that.

The need to find a formula for the prosecution of mercenary elements of Daesh was emphasized

"The French president stressed the need to help find a way out of this thorny issue, and we, in turn, told the French president about our proposal to establish an international tribunal to try the elements Daesh in the north and east of Syria. During the meeting, various options and mechanisms were discussed regarding the trial of elements of the terrorist organization."

Afrin was one of the main topics discussed

 Bedran said that they discussed with French officials the situation in Afrin and the violations committed, and added, "The debate was on the dynamics of demographic change, the massacres committed in Afrin since it was occupied by Turkey, and we called on the French government to work with international partners to end that occupation situation, and restore security and stability to Afrin so that the people of Afrin who were forced to leave their homes can to return to their homes."

Macron stressed the need to block any attack on northern and eastern Syria

Bedran Jia Kurd said, "We stressed that Turkey cannot have any role in achieving and assuring  security and stability in the region, and that the presence of Turkey increases the tension in the region, the French president's response was to emphasize the importance of reducing tensions with the Turkish state, to block any attack on the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

Bedran concluded, "This official visit is unique to a European country and will be an important step toward a sound political solution."



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