Berivan Hassen: Turkey transcends several Arab countries' sovereignty amid international, Arab silence

The Member of the General Executive Council of the Democratic Union Party Berivan Hassen said: "The Arab countries are silent about the aggression committed by Turkey on the sovereignty of many Arab countries, and the international community helps the Turkish occupation and provides them with support and political cover through its silence."

Many Arab and Middle East countries witness political and military differences, Turkey takes an important aspect of legal responsibility for fabricating conflicts among the peoples of the region, especially what happened and is happening in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Turkey participates in the ongoing conflict in Libya directly alongside the Accord Government, hoping to control the Libyan coasts that Turkey considers the dagger close to the side of Europe, as it will be able through these coasts to put pressure on the old continent, as it did and does in Syria by sending radical mercenaries to the west.

The Turkish aggressions against the sovereignty of the Arab countries is a reality in the midst of Arab and global silence, especially what they are committing in Syria, Iraq and Libya; military invasions and air attacks that affect the lives of innocent civilians in all these countries, and it is not hidden the recent abuses of Kobane city that left 3 activist women as victims.

In this context, the Member of the General Executive Council of the Democratic Union Party and the Co-chair of the Party in the Euphrates region, Berivan Hassen said: "The Arab countries are living in a state of silence in the face of these transgressions, and the international community is helping Turkey in secret or through its silence about its violations and inhumane crimes in the region."

Turkey seeks to turkificate the geography it occupies

Berivan Hassen said in an interview with Hawar news agency that "in the Syrian crisis, the Turkish abuses have become almost daily, through which Turkey commits inhumane crimes against the Syrian people, whether in the areas it occupies or in other regions, and the best evidence is what happening in Afrin and the rest of the occupied cities by Turkey."

She noted that "Turkey is seeking, through the occupation of areas in Syria, to turkificate their geography, and it commits crimes that contradict what it declares to the public opinion about the establishment of safe areas. The crimes committed by Turkey in Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê clarify the truth of what Turkey claims, especially its reliance on extremist mercenaries in the management of these areas.

Berivan added that "the crimes committed in Syria by Turkey and its mercenaries are countless, the last of which was the heinous crime that affected the 3 female martyrs in the city of Kobane. Here, we must stand before the countries that consider themselves the guarantor of security in the region, and hold them accountable to what extent they have managed to deter Turkey."

The Arab countries' silence motivates Turkey to commit more massacres and occupy more lands

Berivan Hassen stresses that the Arab states and countries that give the green light to Turkey need to ask themselves towards whom Turkey commits these crimes and with any party's cover.

She added: "Turkey suffers from internal economic and political crises, and it commits such violations in the neighboring countries and with a cover from global countries such as Russia and America. It is now changing the demographics of the territories it occupies and turkificating them, and it is violating the sovereignty of Arab countries amid its internal political conflicts and economic and medical crises. This causes us to ask its supporters to what extent can you manipulate the fate of peoples?"

Regarding the Arab States League, Berivan said: "So far, the Arab countries have not taken a clear position on the Turkish occupation's encroachments on the sovereignty, territorial integrity and peoples of many Arab countries, and this gives the occupation more legitimacy, so that Turkey considers itself to be entitled to commit more massacres and occupy more lands. Today, Syria, Iraq and Libya, and tomorrow, other countries."

The Syrian government's silence will incur it vast losses

The Co-chair of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, Berivan Hassen, stressed the need for the Syrian government to have its position on the Turkish aggressions, "but apparently the Syrian government is most concerned with preventing the Kurdish people from obtaining their Kurdish and cultural identity just as Turkey does."

At the end of her speech, Berivan appealed to the people of the world to stand in the face of the crimes committed by Turkey against the peoples of the region, explaining that the governments are now helping Turkey in committing its massacres and its interventions in the neighboring countries, and their peoples must move and clarify their positions.



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