Berivan Khalid: In Newroz spirit, will continue struggle to liberate Afrin, break isolation

Berivan Khalid indicated that they would welcome Newroz this year as Daesh mercenaries' elimination approached, and indicated they would continue the struggle to liberate Afrin and break the isolation of Ocalan.


The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration in the North and East of Syria, Berivan Khalid, spoke with Hawar News Agency on the occasion of Newroz, on March 21 of each year.

"After eight years of struggle by the people of the region for dignity, free life and a declaration of Autonomous Administration in the North and East regions of Syria, as Newroz is approaching this year the global terrorism represented by IS mercenaries is defeated," Berivan said.

"however, it does not mean the end of the Daesh mentality in the region, we are trying to bring back the people who lived in Daesh areas to their natural essence."

At the same time, she said, they are receiving Newroz painfully because it marks the anniversary of Turkey's occupation of Afrin on March 18. "We renew our pledge to the people of Afrin to liberate them from the occupation, and we affirm that the occupation will not affect our determination in the struggle."

"In the spirit of Newroz, they will lift the isolation of leader Ocalan and liberate Afrin," she said. "We will continue our struggle for the liberation of Afrin."

In the conclusion of her talk, she congratulated the people of northern and eastern Syria, and fighters on this occasion.


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