Berxwedan camp: one year and resistance continues

The resistance did not end when the people of Afrin came out of their land, contrarily, they escalated the struggle when they named the first camp they opened in al-Shahba as "Berxwedan" which means resistance.

Berxwedan camp was opened in March 23, 2018. Now, one year since its opening, the residents got organized and in this period sent several letters from the camp residents that there is no choice but to resist for the liberation of Afrin.

People began to flock to the camp after they realized the reason for their staying in al-Shahba

After a short time, they realized their presence in al-Shahba and that their resistance in this land will lead to the liberation of Afrin. The number of families reached 720 families with a population of 2,750 people in the area of ​​10000 m2 in 775 tents.

The people of northeast Syria joined in helping Afrin people

After the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in 18 March last year and the displacement of the people of Afrin to al-Shahba canton, all the people in the north and east of Syria joined to help the people, the funds were distributed in all those areas and the people did not hesitate to help as the brotherhood of peoples is rooted in those areas and that the Syrian people will remain one hand in the face of the occupiers.

Communes were established to organize people adding children's return to school

A short time after the opening of the camp, it was necessary to organize the people within the same model in which they were organized through the communes. Fourteen communes were opened in the camp and then the councils that worked with the communes opened in full swing in the service of the people, solving their problems, training and organizing them.

The children of Afrin living in the camp returned to school after the Education Committee of the Democratic Society allocated 20 tents to 500 students at primary school, 292 at middle school and 182 at secondary school who received education in their mother tongue.

The municipality of the people in the camp provided all its services within the available means, where it rehabilitated the camp road, opened a garden, rehabilitated sewerage channels, and secured cement for the floor of the tents with a layer of cement to prevent rain.

In order to secure the necessities and secure supplies, the People's Assembly in the camp opened two popular markets run by the people of the camp in a move to secure a source of livelihood.

The people of Afrin threw stones at those who participated in the occupation of their land and did not accept their assistance

Several organizations came to the camp for aid, but no organization fulfilled their promises.

Two Russian organizations provided assistance to the people but the villagers threw stones at them, saying that Russia would not be able to deceive them and that they had discovered their conspiracies with the Turkish state in the occupation of Afrin.

How did the four seasons pass on the people?

With the arrival of the summer, temperature rose and the situation worsened in the camp. Many children were sick due to the weather conditions, but the residents were patient and adapted to the reality, the resistant reality and the insistence on returning to Afrin.

The harsh weather conditions in winter and summer did not change anything from the decision of the people as they clang to resistance and the struggle, they realized that their staying in al-Shahba will be the reason for the liberation of Afrin from the hands of the occupiers.

In this context, ANHA interviewed administrative staff in Berxwedan camp council Sheikho Ibrahim, he talked about some of the obstacles faced by the people in the camp. "There were several shortcomings in the lack of resources at the beginning of the opening of the camp, but we overcame it and managed to accommodate thousands of residents within an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The peoples of northern and eastern Syria, who stood together on the basis of the fraternity of peoples."

"The people of Afrin remain here to liberate their land and there is no other reason. They have organized themselves and receive their training," Ibrahim said.

Citizen Amina Aslan also affirms that despite the difficult circumstances, they remain here. "We endure all the difficult conditions here because we resist and with this resistance we will liberate Afrin."



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