​​​​​​​Biden: We to lead world, not pull out

US President-elect Joe Biden announced today that the United States is "ready to lead the world" and will not withdraw from it, but stressed that his country will not engage in unnecessary wars.

Biden said during his introduction to members of the diplomatic and security team in his next government: "It is a team that reflects that America is back, and it is ready to lead the world and not withdraw from it." Biden emphasized that the United States would not play a role in unnecessary wars.

Biden reviewed the features of his foreign policy, which is based on his country assuming a global leadership role and strengthening alliances in the Asia-Pacific region.

He added that his selection of Anthony Blinken as Secretary of State would rebuild morale and confidence in the ministry responsible for US diplomatic relations.

The US President-elect presented his government team, which he said would "preserve the security and safety of the country and restore honor to the United States. "

Biden said, "I present a team that preserves the security and safety of our country and restores respect for the United States," adding that "the team is armed with long experience and has achieved the greatest diplomatic achievements. "

He continued, "The United States will return to its historical position of leadership ... the new team will bring America closer to the allies. "

Biden said, "Alessandro Mayorcas will take over the position of Minister of Homeland Security ... As for the National Intelligence, a woman will take over its leadership for the first time, and it is about Waverel Haynes. "

Biden also nominated Linda Thomas Greenfield for the position of Ambassador to the United Nations, and she had held the post of Assistant Secretary of State for Africa during the era of former President Barack Obama.

The US President-elect indicated that he had nominated Jake Sullivan for the position of National Security Adviser, explaining that John Kerry would be responsible for the climate file.



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