Bloomberg: US sanctions will be imposed on Turkey

US sources said that the United States is going to impose sanctions on Turkey as a result of the deal to buy the Russian S-400 system, but it will be after the anniversary of the failed coup attempt in Turkey, including those proposed to be subject to Ankara's law against America's enemies.

The US administration wants to wait for sanctions against Turkey until the anniversary of its failed coup attempt in 2016, US sources told Bloomberg on Saturday, fearing further speculation that the United States was behind the "insurgency."

The sources pointed out that the US president has already decided a set of sanctions against Turkey, stressing that the administration chose one of the three sets of actions under the law against the opponents of the United States through sanctions, without specifying the group that was choosen.

The plan needs the approval of Donald Trump.

The plan was made after days of discussions between officials from the State Department, the Defense Ministry and the National Security Council, the sources said, stressing that they were waiting for Trump and his top advisers to sign.

According to the agency, Washington may not only remove Turkey from the F-35 fighter manufacturing program, but could also impose another of the 12 types of sanctions available under US law.

Bloomberg sated US sanctions, including the ban on real estate deals, restrictions on investments in US bonds and restrictions on Turkish companies' access to the US financial sector.

Trump could ask international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to refuse loans to disrupted Turkish institutions, and to prevent US banks from extending loans to Turkish companies and banks worth more than $ 10 million.

A large number of Turkish companies operating in the military industry could be targeted, meaning that it would be impossible for those companies to buy US components for the equipment they produce in Turkey, the agency said.

Russia's S-400 missile system began shipping to Turkey on Friday.



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