Bombardment after cease-fire agreement and tension in southern Syria

Daraa governorate is witnessing clashes between the regime's forces and groups calling itself the "Popular Resistance", while the chaos and security chaos is escalating that resulted in assassinations carried out by unknown persons in the region, while the shelling on the ​​"De- escalation" has intensified despite the declaration of a cease-fire.

Renewed clashes took place in al-Sanameen city of Daraa countryside between regime forces and gunmen calling themselves the “Popular Resistance” which declared itself during the last few days to fight the regime in Daraa area.

The clashes were concentrated in the northern neighborhood of the city and continued for several hours, while there were no reports of casualties until the moment, in light of the chaos in the province of Daraa.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on Friday, that it was monitored by the armed groups of the "Popular Resistance" more active during the previous days to assassinate a person working with the "Lebanese Hezbollah" secretly in the town of Nahta in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Daraa has become the scene of the assassinations scene, and the province is witnessing an assassination attempt, by some unidentified attackers, or bombing, which targeted publicly the regime's intelligence as well as the gunmen who remained in Daraa and refused to move to the north of Syria to become pro-Russian or Iranian forces in the region.

Despite the cease-fire agreement in the zones of "De- escalation," but the regime forces targeted after midnight on Friday - Saturday, places in al-Zakat and its surroundings and Kafarzita and al-Latamna in the northern countryside of Hama several rocket-propelled grenades.

The Syrian Observatory monitored more than 400 ground strikes exchanged by the regime's forces and Turkish mercenaries within the region within the first 24 hours of the implementation of the agreement.



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