Bombardment on Zarkan village, 1 Asayîş element martyred, 3 others wounded

An element of Asayîş forces was martyred, and 3 SDF's' fighters were wounded after a Turkish drone violated on Monday evening ceasefire agreement and shelled Zarkan district.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to violate the ceasefire agreement, where a drone of the Turkish army and its mercenaries targeted on Monday evening, Zarkan district belonging to Serêkaniyê city, in clear violation of the ceasefire agreement reached by the US and Turkish occupation.

The bombardment resulted in the martyrdom one element of Asayîş forces and wounding 3 of SDF's fighters.

The three injured were taken to the Martyr Lecrin Hospital in Tal Tamer district of al-Hasakah canton. According to of medical staff, their health is in critical condition.



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