Book holds house of gold

There are two libraries in Manbij city, which contain tens of thousands of books and are frequented by dozens of intellectuals and education-seekers. Despite the small number of libraries' goers, but the number of the readers is expected to be increased with the opening of schools.


Types of libraries differ from specialized and some are private, but the common thing among all is the containment of sources of information from books, newspapers, magazines, maps and documents, enriching the mind of the education and knowledge

In Manbij city, there are two libraries, one in the Sharia secondary school and the other known as the central library of Muhammad Munla Ghazil, the two libraries contain tens of thousands of books.

Library of Secondary Sharia School

Founded in 1977, the school administration provided it with books over the years to 2014, with a total of 6,000 books.

In the same year, when IS mercenaries took control of Manbij city, they entered the school and looted the books and burned many of them, especially the Sufi books, which show the tolerance of Islam and its splendor.

After the liberation of Manbij on 12 August, 2016 by the Manbij Military Council with the support of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Democratic Administration of Manbij searched for the lost books in Manbij, many of which were found in various shops, they were delivered to the secondary Sharia School 

Now the administration of Secondary Sharia classified and registered them and placed them in the appropriate place in the library.

The library is a reference for all students of science, Sharia and others. It includes books on history, geography, mysticism, ethics, Arabic language, Quran sciences, Sunna, Sharia and contemporary intellectual books.

But the library has not yet officially opened to readers, because it is now under renovation due to the large number of books and the lack of shelves. The library will be officially opened soon in the coming months.

Mohammed Munla Gazil Central Library

The Munla Ghazil Library was opened on 15 August 2018 in Manbij city on the Aleppo Road. It contains books of European literature of various kinds, Italian, Spanish, Russian and French literature, as well as international and Arab manuscripts.

It also contains philosophical books, and books of various ages, such as the pre-Islamic era, the Abbasid, the Umayyad, and a lot of scientific, literary, politics books, various sciences and encyclopedias of Arab and global.

This library has about 20,000 books. The poet Ahmad al-Yousef, from Manbij, says that the books are archived in two stages, after finishing of archiving, the number of the books will be determined carefully    

According to librarian Khalid Haj Mohammed, 60 people visited the library during the month, while the number of those who borrowed books during the month more than 55 people.

The percentage is still low, but the library officials in Manbij say that the percentage will increase in the coming months with the start the educational process recently.



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