​​​​​​​Boris Morazy: Handing over freedom fighters to Turkish state is a betrayal

Armenian journalist Boris Morazy explained that the Pashinyan government's handover of 2 fighters of People Defense Forces to the Turkish state is a betrayal of the goals of Armenian people.

People Defense Forces revealed in a statement on the 24th of this September that during the month of August 2 of their fighters were arrested; leheng and Ali Sher in Armenia and the Armenian government has handed them over to the Turkish state.

In this context; Armenian journalist Boris Morazy spoke to ANHA agency and denounced the handover of freedom fighters to the Turkish state by the Armenian government.

"I condemn this behavior as an Armenian citizen, there are thousands of Armenians like me, this is an affront to the Kurdish people who are fighting for their rights, this government action has nothing to do with the Armenian people. Unfortunately, the government of the Republic of Armenia has become a traitor to the goals of the Armenian people as well," Morazy said.

Boris Morazy explained that the Kurdish people should consider this position as opposition from the current Armenian government against the Armenian people as well, and pointed out that there are hundreds of thousands of Armenians standing against this government, because they consider it a service to the interests of the Turkish state.

Boris Morazy praised the struggle of the Kurdish people against the Turkish occupation and said that the Kurds provide a valuable model for the world to obtain their rights. He also stressed the need to strengthen Kurdish-Armenian relations and pointed out that there are many things in common between the both peoples. He continued, "It is important that the enemies not be able to create enmity between the Kurdish and Armenian peoples, as in the past century, we have no right to repeat the mistakes of the past."



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