Bradost Mitani: Kurds become symbol global struggle thanks to the sacrifices of YPG, YPJ

Bradost Mitani indicated that the People's Protection Units (YPG) and the Women's Protection Units played a pioneering role in reviving the Syrian response and contributed, through the resistance, to achieving great successes for Kurdish diplomacy at the international level.

Throughout history, Kurdistan has witnessed many fluctuations and the Kurdish people have been subjected to breakdowns, as a result of the weakness of the defense system during the previous periods, starting from the second millennium BC and up to the modern era, except for several phases through it during the declaration of the field empire on the territory of Mesopotamia after the defeat of the Assyrian Empire. Before it was declared a federation in the second millennium BC during the era of the Kutya Empire.
On this subject, Kurdish writer and researcher Bradost Mitani said in an interview with Hawar News Agency, "Without a strong defense system, the people will face the risk of disappearing." He pointed out that the Kurds established a solid community system during previous periods of history.
Bradost continues his speech: "The Kurds fought one of the major historical battles known as Uman Manda against the Akkadian Empire, during which they were able to drive enemies away from the territory of Mesopotamia."
The Kurdish researcher adds: "But the ancestors of the Kurds reorganized themselves again and established an army called" Mertan "or what was known as the horsemen, as a result of their ferocity in fighting battles, but this empire was subjected to tremors, and led to its collapse at the hands of the Persians and the Kurds remained marginalized in history from then on, until the Peoples' Protection Units and Women's Protection Units appeared in the modern era. "
Bradost pointed out that the YPG and the YPG revitalized and redefined the world to the world. During the past years, these units fought heroic battles and managed to protect the Kurdish presence from disappearing in the region.
The units defeated groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda, represented by the Jabhet Al-Nusra, ISIS mercenaries, and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, along Rojava regions, starting from Girkê Legê, passing through Hasaka, Serekaniye, and Afrin, and directed them from them.
Mitani highlighted the contribution of the People's Protection Units and the Women's Protection Units to the consolidation and application of the concept of a democratic nation among the components of the region. Stressing that "all diplomatic successes of the Kurds in Syria, were achieved thanks to the resistance of these units and made the name of the Kurds spread throughout the world."
At the end of his speech, the writer and historical researcher pointed to the transformation of the YPG, YPJ have become a symbol for peoples seeking freedom and struggle.

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