Brett McGurk: Why are we allies of a state that supports terrorism like Turkey?

The former US envoy to the International Coalition against ISIS, Brett McGurk, posed 15 questions to Trump and invited him to ask Erdogan, most of which related to the latter's support for terrorists.

The former US envoy to the International Coalition against ISIS, Brett McGurk, has posted on Twitter a set of questions he proposed to US President Donald Trump and invited him to ask these questions to the Turkish president currently in the United States.

 Questions asked by McGurk are:

1. How did Baghdadi live in a safe house with many tunnels less than 5 kilometers from Turkey's border?

2. Why was an ISIS spokesman found in the Turkish-controlled border town of Jarablus?

3. When Turkey asked the United States to move the SDF 30 km from its border, did it know that Baghdadi was living with his family less than 5 km from the Turkish border?

4. Why are the Syrian areas under Turkish control safe havens for al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists?

5. In the past few weeks, you claim to have arrested a number of al-Baghdadi's relatives to include one of his wives. Why haven't you arrested these relatives of the most wanted terrorists in the world so far? And what were they doing in Turkey?

6. How do 40,000 foreign fighters move freely from Syria to Turkey and vice versa, many of whom have become the backbone of al-Qaeda and ISIS?

7. Why did Turkey reject repeated and specific requests to help close its border with ISIS, and then closed its borders after the SDF defeated ISIS?

8. Why did Turkey agree to joint patrols with Putin and Russian forces in Syria, and refused to conduct joint patrols in the neighboring areas with US forces?

9. Despite years of effort, hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxpayers, and the deployment of our best military planners in Ankara, why have Syrian opposition groups turned into extremist and terrorist-supporting entities?

10. Why, as a NATO ally, an alliance based on shared interests and values, imprison, kill and exile those who oppose you and your policies, especially in Syria, where Turkey has become the world's largest prison?

11. Why has your government become the biggest supporter of Iran and helps Iran bypass US sanctions?

12. When threatening to send 2-3 million refugees to northern and eastern Syria, where will the people who actually live there go? Do you agree with Trump that the Kurds can migrate from their areas to remote oil areas?

13. Why did you start making specific military threats to northern and eastern Syria - which culminated in your October 6 conversation with Trump - on the same day that you received the S-400 missile system from Russia? Was that a coincidence?

14. Why has the Turkish state-backed media praised the "operation" of the killing of Havrin Khalaf, even though it is in fact a war crime? Will these killers be held to account?

15. Why do you continue to insist on expanding the influence of extremist groups known to Ewa al-Qaida responsible for war crimes? Do any of these groups now use US weapons in northern and eastern Syria?

"There is no NATO ally that challenges American values ​​and interests like Turkey under Erdogan," said Brett McGurk, a former US envoy to the international coalition against ISIS.






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