Britain is considering use of drones to protect navigation in the Gulf

Britain is considering sending drones to the Gulf amid tensions in Gulf waters and threats to Gulf navigation, British media reported on Monday.

The British Royal Air Force has a number of Reaper drones stationed in Kuwait to conduct operations in Iraq and Syria, Sky News reported. The channel said the aircraft could be assigned other tasks if a decision was made to deploy drones in the Gulf.

The channel also said in a report that the drones will assist in reconnaissance operations as British warships continue to escort British-flagged tankers in the Strait of Hormuz.

Britain on Friday called for broad support to tackle shipping threats in the Gulf after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait last July.

It is noteworthy that Britain sent two military ships to the Gulf last July, amid tension with Iran over the obstruction of navigation and the detention of tankers across the Strait of Hormuz, and this step comes after the escalation of tensions with Iran, especially after the detention of British tanker Adrian Daria I in Gibraltar for more than a month Before her release by the Gibraltar government.

The stopping of the tanker left a strain between Britain and Iran, with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards threatening at the time that the United States and Britain would "strongly regret" the detention of the tanker. The chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, Mohammad Baqeri, also warned Britain, "It will not go unanswered."

Navigation security in the Gulf remains a concern for many countries, especially the United States, especially after attacks on oil tankers in recent months.



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