British Independent: Turkey has become the biggest threat to European countries

The Independent newspaper said that Turkey today poses a threat to the European Union and its territories and values ​​that are adopted by the member states, as the Turkish threat has become one of the most important issues in which the European Union is thinking of it.

Later this week, European Union leaders will meet to discuss the recovery plan, and they will spend a few minutes talking about Brexit, but today, the biggest threat to Europe, its lands and European values, comes from Turkey, which is the most important issue that occupies the Union’s thinking. European.

Last week, in Athens, former French President Francois Hollande voiced his concerns about Turkey, stressing that for him, Erdogan is the biggest threat to Europe.

He added that after leading Turkey into economic ruin, Erdogan will try to knock the drums of nationalism and urge the restoration of the glory of the Ottoman Empire, to divert people's attention from the growing economic problems.

Holland pointed out that the Turkish president seeks to militarize the eastern Mediterranean, and violated NATO's obligations to buy Russian missiles, in addition to imprisoning hundreds of journalists and political opponents.

He said that he was "obsessed with Islamism and promoted Islam in Europe, and he converted two of the finest Christian Byzantine cathedrals in Istanbul into mosques." He also accused him of blatantly interfering in the politics of European countries, including France and Germany, indicating that he held huge political rallies and insisted that the Turkish citizens of the European Union owe allegiance to Turkey only.

He added that his adventures in Syria and his war against the Kurds are dangerous, and that his intervention in Libya is an act of aggression.

For his part, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias insisted that his country wants to work with Erdogan, but only once the threat to regional peace in the Eastern Mediterranean region is stopped.

Greece and Cyprus are trying to get more support from the European Union, but the main problem is Germany's refusal to take a clear stance.

In his turn, former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel emphasized that if Turkey were to be sanctioned for its purchase of the Russian S-400 defense system, or it was forced to leave NATO, Turkey would quickly become a nuclear power.

For Gabriel, the main problem was that the United States was not prepared to impose sanctions on Turkey, and given the influence of the United States over NATO, there will be no clear line on Turkey's militarization of the eastern Mediterranean.



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