British newspaper: Yezidis were subjected to attempts of planting extremist ideas

The Times newspaper reported that the Yezidi children who were abducted by IS after their attacks on Şengal were subjected to attempts of planting extremist ideas within them throughout their detention."


In a report to The Times British Newspapers, the writer Richard Spencer tells the story of a Kurdish boy who has seen his parents for the last time when he was 10 years old.

The author notes that the child has spent four and a half years since IS mercenaries attacked his town in northern Iraq confronting the forced efforts to brainwash his Yazidi family's faith.

He did not know if his parents were alive or not before receiving a phone call from them. Their predestination led them to a country had never been heard of before. They were in Canada.

"I was surprised when I learned that they were in Canada. We were together when we were taken from Şengal, but IS separated us. They must have managed to escape somehow and then traveled to Canada," he said in an interview to the newspaper.

It is worth mentioning that many hostages over the years paid ransoms for their release or fled the detention. It seems that the parents of the Kurdish child were among the lucky ones. They did not receive further information in the short phone call.

He added that the children had been subjected to attempts to plant extremist ideas within them by IS throughout their detention. They have also been relocated from place to place due to the decline of IS' areas.

IS domination on Şengal was when IS was with all its strength and expanding in Iraq. The child was taken to Syria and then to al-Raqqa that was an alleged capital of IS. After its liberation in October 2017, the child found himself in al- Baguz, the town where the last IS mercenaries are holed up.

Spencer believes that between 6,000 and 7,000 Yezidis were in the grip of IS, a third of whom are still being held, most of them are women who were sold at auctions.

The British newspaper talked to a Yazidi woman, and she said that she fled with her children, as after receiving harsh blows, IS mercenaries decided that they did not need women, children and the injured.



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