British police attacked activists in London

British police attacked the activists Nahide Zengin and Mehmet Sait Yılmaz carrying out a civil disobedience action in the premises of Amnesty International in London .

Nahide Zengin and Mehmet Sait Yılmaz, who have been on hunger strike for 44 days indefinitely, were attacked by the police.

The police has taken into custody 20 activists protesting at the premises of Amnesty International. The protest was in solidarity with the hunger strike resistance demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. 

The protest action organized jointly by the Roj Women's Assembly, the Union of Socialist Women, the Cultural Association of Migrant Workers (Gik-Der) and the Kurdish People's Assembly began on Wednesday when a group of activists entered Amnesty International's premises.

Amnesty International executives closed the doors of the premises and put special security on the door. The use of toilets was forbidden to those inside. Those activists who were forced to leave the building to go to toilet were not allowed back in. 

Activists given that they achieved nothing from the meeting with Amnesty International executives had decided to continue their protest until Monday. The activists criticised Amnesty poor stand, saying that the organisation’s behaviour is unacceptable. In fact for calling itself a humanitarian organisation, Amnesty has shown very little if none sensitivity towards the activists, especially those on huger strike for 43 days. 

Amnesty International called the police at 1 urging them to empty the building. Police stormed into the building and attacked the activists who were handcuffed and detained.

Those in the building were taken into custody and outside activists were also attacked by the police. 


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