Buffer zone is only pretext for restoration of Ottoman glories

Al-Karama residents in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa expressed their rejection of the project of the buffer zone that Turkey is trying to establish in northern and eastern Syria. Turkey has occupied us for 400 years during the days of the Ottomans, and we will not allow Turkey to establish the buffer zone under its protection because our areas are safe and this is not available in the occupied areas by Turkey.

After the failure of the Turkish government in all its plans in Syria, especially in Idlib in the demilitarized areas, today it renewed its claim to the buffer zone in the north of Syria by calling for the return of Syrian refugees to it, it is only a new occupation plan to annex new parts of Syrian territory to Turkey.

Jassem al-Abbas of Karama people said, "Turkey is demanding the establishment of a buffer zone within the Syrian territory, which is only an occupation plan that Turkey intends to implement, and this will not allow it to happen under any circumstances."

Jassem al-Abbas said that Turkey does not want stability in the north of Syria, and just wants to protect its interests and prolong the life of the Syrian crisis.

The citizen Abdullah said in the same context, "What Turkey wants today is the restoration of the Ottoman occupation of Syria and the region that Turkey wants to establish in the north of Syria is the tool that Turkey wants to use to restore the Ottoman glory to Syria."

He said that after the liberation of al-Raqqa and its countryside of mercenaries, they live in a state of security and safety noting, "By the sacrifices of our martyrs, the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, we liberated our regions from terrorism and we live in safety.



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