Bulgaria foils smuggling attempt of weapons from Turkey to Europe

Bulgaria has thwarted an attempt to illegally smuggle weapons and ammunition from Turkey to "Western Europe" via a bus loaded with French paintings, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Charges were brought against a French citizen of Turkish origin, on Friday, for his attempt to transfer 186 handguns and about 7,400 munitions from Turkey to Europe illegally, according to the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The regional prosecutor in Haskovo (southern Bulgaria) Ivan Stoynov said that the 41-year-old man hid in a minibus bearing French paintings 186 pistols of various types, and 7,475 bullets.

"These were probably gas pistols that had been converted into firearms," ​​the judicial official added during a press conference.

 Stoynov explained that the minibus coming from Turkey was heading to Western Europe.

The penalty for smuggling firearms and ammunition in Bulgaria is three years in prison and a fine of between 20,000 and 100,000 Bulgarian Lev (between 12,000 and 61,000 $)

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