By an absolute majority ... Europe condemns Turkey

On Thursday, European deputies voted by an absolute majority on the draft resolution condemning Turkey, calling for sanctions to be imposed against it without delay.

The draft resolution voted by European deputies today, Thursday, calls for the European summit to be held next month, to take sanctions against Turkey without delay, in response to its attempts to impose a fait accompli in Cyprus and its territorial waters, as well as its actions in the eastern Mediterranean and its dispute with Greece, and recently Germany as well and France.

According to Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath, the project condemns the reopening of a part of Varosha by the Turkish Cypriots, and warns that "creating a new reality on the ground undermines confidence and threatens the prospects for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem."

In addition, European leaders call for maintaining a unified position against Turkey's unilateral and illegal actions, and at the same time considering imposing sanctions against specific Turkish actors.

It is noteworthy that the crisis has worsened between the European Union and Turkey since last August, against the background of Turkish exploration in international waters of Greece in the Mediterranean.



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