By mother Oweish’s personality, Ocalan launched women's revolution

Dozens of mothers in Aleppo commemorated the 25th anniversary of Mother Oweish's death, the mother of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan during a meeting.


Kongra Star in Aleppo held a meeting in the meeting hall of Sheikh Maqsoud in the western part of the neighborhood, and dozens of women in the neighborhood attended the meeting. The meeting began with holding a minute of silence. Then, the members of Kongra Star in the neighborhood Shavreen Dalil and Fatima Hassen spoke and commemorated at the beginning all the mothers who sacrificed their lives and their sons and daughters in order to defend their country and people, and to create a dignified life for a new generation.

The speeches stressed, "They consider the mother Oweish’s raising to the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan as a model and a basis in raising the children to love the homeland and construct the national personality within them to be helpful for their people in the future and to defend them."

The speeches concluded by pointing out that the personality of the mother was strong, and the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan analyzed this personality and turned it into a revolution to be the beginning of a revolution for women's freedom. Today, thanks to the mother's personality and the thought of the leader, the woman returned to take her poineer role in the management and development of society in the North Syria.

Furthermore, the meeting ended with chanting the slogans that call for Ocalan's freedom.



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