Calls for Kurdish unity , overcoming partisan interests

Hasaka people have urged on the unity of the Kurdish ranks , overcoming the authoritarian mentality and partisan interests that hinder the progress of Kurdish political parties in resolving their cause.

 Calls continues to rise for the unity of the Kurdish ranks in the light of the attacks on the region, and Kurdistan, that aim at eliminating the gains of the Kurdish people and  destroying their identity and culture.

 On this subject, Hawar News Agency's camera surveyed the opinions of the residents of Hasakeh city, who demanded Kurdish unity and overcoming the authoritarian mentality and partisan interests.

 Zahra Seno called on everyone to unite, especially the parties, and said: "We will continue to say unity and unity, if we do not become one hand, the enemies will marginalize our identity and our cause."

Seno added :" we, Kurds are strong by our women and men. we got united and put efforts together and fought ISIS, at this stage, we will have a common ground for resolving the Kurdish Question."

"Our goal is the Kurdish unity and prevent the Ottoman occupation  from surviving. Unfortunately, some Kurdish parties contribute to bringing it back, especially those of the Kurdish National Council ." They are interested in gaining personal interests at the expense of the Kurdish Question and people."

Abdul Rahman Khalil,  said " The Kurdish National Council (KNC) parties' visit to Turkey will have a negative impact on the Kurdish issue, as Turkey tries to occupy all Kurdish cities in northeastern Syria.

 Khalil added: "The visit  has a strong impact on the national unity, because the Turkish state aims to eliminate the Kurdish identity ." 

Khalil wished that all parties would become one hand and move forward towards resolving the Kurdish issue, no matter how different political differences and opinions are.

"The unity of parties will be ours,"  Mohammed Saleh said.

"Those who sit and negotiate with the Turkish occupation  state do not want this unity," he said.  

Without unity, the Kurdish people will not be able to resolve their cause and overcome all the forces that seek to exterminate the Kurdish people, their identity and their culture, Kawa Matou, a citizen said.



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