Cardiac Surgery and Eye Hospital prepares for 1st open heart surgery

The administration of the Cardiac Surgery and Eye Hospital in Qamishlo has finished its equipping the hospital, and is preparing within the next few days for the first open heart operation by a specialized surgical team.

The Department of Cardiac Surgery and Eye Hospital opened after months of preparations by the Department of the Heart and Eye Hospital in the city of Qamishlo, affiliated to the Health Authority in North and East Syria.

The hospital provides its health and medical services to eye and heart patients, with great financial facilities, and the hospital administration is preparing in the coming days to conduct the first open heart operation, to be the first surgery of its kind to be performed in the Al-Jazeera region.

These operations were conducted in hospitals in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only at the level of Syria, and the largest percentage of them were in Damascus hospitals, which cost patients and their families great material costs, as a result of travel, accommodation and the costs of private hospitals.

Open heart surgery is also known as conventional heart surgery, and it is a process in which the chest wall is opened to perform surgery on the muscles, valves, or arteries of the heart, where the surgeon cuts the bone of the sternum or the upper part of it, and once the heart is reached, an artificial heart-lung device is placed to replace the heart, and it performs its function of pumping blood to all parts of the body, and this device allows the surgeon to perform the operation in the heart that is not working and in which blood does not flow through it.

Regarding the latest equipment in the Cardiac Surgery Department, the medical director at the hospital, Dr. Anan Khalil, says: "We brought special devices to be able to perform open heart operations, such as the advanced anesthesia device, the artificial heart-lung device, and the balloon device."

He continued: The opening of the Cardiac Surgery Department was supposed to coincide with the opening of the Heart Diseases Department, but we encountered some difficulties, which forced us to postpone it so that it is now open.

'The first open heart surgery will be performed in days'

Khalil revealed that after preparing the heart surgery room, after a few days the first open heart operation will be performed, once the necessary examinations are completed for one of the patients, and it will be carried out by a specialized surgical team that came from outside north and east Syria, accompanied by a medical team from the region, and technicians to supervise the devices And the intensive care room.

Regarding the cost of operations, Khalil added that they have not set the prices for the cost of cardiac surgery yet, but it is certain that the prices will be appropriate for patients and their families, and that it will not exceed 40% of the cost of operations that were performed in hospitals outside north and east Syria.

Their goal is to help patients, not profit or trade

He said: Their goal in opening the department is to assist patients in the region, and it is not a profit or commercial project, and this percentage has been established because the consumables needed for heart surgery are high-priced consumables and it is not easy to obtain them.

The Department of Cardiac Surgery and Eye had reduced costs for eye patients, after they brought in a lazik device, which contributes to saving the expenses of performing the vision correction surgery, as patients had to travel for it to the Syrian governorates or Başûr “Southern Kurdistan.



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