Catalan delegation visits Serêkaniyê Displaced Committee in Amuda district

 The Catalan delegation, headed by parliamentarian Robin Wangisberg and his assistant Marc Barbasil, during their visit to the Serêkaniyê Displaced Committee, in Amuda district, expressed their solidarity with the Autonomous Administration and with the people of northern and eastern Syria, at a time when the regions are under attack by the Turkish occupation.

 Since last Saturday (December 3), the Catalan delegation has been visiting the regions of northern and eastern Syria, where it visited the Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Kongra Star in Qamishlo, and the Afrin Social Association in Qamishlo.

 In this context, the Catalan delegation visited, today, Monday, the Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê, at the headquarters of the Hospitality Palace, in Amuda district.

 The Catalan delegation, headed by Parliamentarian Robin Wansberg, and his assistant, Mark Barbasil, previously received members of the Relations Committee of the Displaced from Serêkaniyê, Joan Esso, Shervan Laleh, Muhammad Attia and Anahita Sina.

 Member of the Relations Committee of Serêkaniyê, Joan Esso, first discussed the situation and circumstances of the displaced from Serêkaniyê.

  While the delegation expressed during its visit their solidarity with the people of northern and eastern Syria, and with the displaced people of Serêkaniyê in particular.

  The discussion took place between the Catalan delegation and the members of the Serêkaniyê Migrants Relations Committee, about how the people of northern and eastern Syria live their lives in light of the difficult conditions of water and electricity cuts and a lack of supplies as a result of the siege imposed on the region, in addition to the Turkish occupation’s attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and its commission of crimes.  In front of the eyes and ears of the whole world.

 Parliamentarian Robin Wansberg also indicated that they can communicate the voice of the people of the region to their embassy, ​​where he said, "We can communicate the voices and messages of the people of northern and eastern Syria to the Spanish embassy, ​​and ask them questions about the crimes committed against children, women and the entire people."

 At the end of the discussion, the delegation stressed the need to work towards finding solutions to the projects that were put forward during the discussion.



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