​​​​​​​Cautious calm looms at the walls of Sina’a Prison; combing ops continue in its surrounding 

A cautious calm is looming on Geweran neighborhood in the southern side of al-Hasakah city, after four days of constant clashes and large-scale combing operations, against the backdrop of an ISIS mercenary cell attack on an Sina’a Prison in which ISIS mercenaries are being held.

According to ANHA’s correspondent from inside Geweran neighbourhood, since the early morning, when the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria, with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces, were able to surround the ISIS cells that attacked the prison inside its walls, since day three, and broke out sporadic clashes last night, a cautious calm has been prevailing in the Geweran neighbourhood and surrounding the Sina’a Prison.

On the 5th day, about the latest developments and movements of ISIS cells that attacked the prison, ANHA’s correspondent indicated that the presence of cells is limited to some prison buildings only within its walls, after the Internal Security Forces, with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces, took control of some other buildings inside it.



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