Cegerxwîn… awakening Kurdish people is my goal

The Kurdish poet Cegerxwîn left a great impact on the people of the village of Tal Shair where he completed his studies, and all of whom hobnob him confirms that the goal of the poet Cegerxwîn was to awaken the Kurdish people.


The poet Cegerxwîn is the most famous poet of the Kurds, whose names illuminated from the fifties till the eighties of the last century. He traveled continuously in search of knowledge and in order to provide all the resources that would qualify him to serve Kurdistan and its people, he had written the book of (the Kurdish language grammars) also he had formed a Kurdish dictionary with two parts, and organized the historical manuscript (the systematic Sharafnama), which were written in the handwriting of (Mullah Abdul Hadi Der Ka Gai Mazi).

He has eight books that tell the stories of the Kurdish struggle and the political upheaval that the Kurds experienced during his life. He was proud of his Kurdish affiliation and his political speeches carried many political and humanitarian connotations.

He had escaped from the injustice of the Aghas in the village of Hesari of Mardin area in Bakur Kurdistan and took refuge in Rojava. Among the villages which had been visited by the Kurdish poet Cegerxwîn was the village of Tal Shair in Tirbespiyê district in the 1950s headed to the school of the village aiming to complete his Sharia study on the hands of Mullah Ibrahim Sheikhamos, and after completing his studies, he had begun to move between the four parts of Kurdistan and was returning from time to time to the village.

He has a positive impact on the people of the village of Tal Shair, among them Sakina Haji Sulaiman Yousef, where he resided for three months in 1974, she pointed out that the poet Cegerxwîn spent the night and day writing and slept for just about an hour or two a day.

My mission is to awaken the Kurdish people

Sakina saidd "When I asked him why he did not sleep and spent most of his time writing, he said," My daughter, women are bearing the brunt of this society, women are working day and night and the society looks at you in a servitude sight. I try to awaken the Kurdish people through these poems, this is my mission in life."

Inside his mind is a precious jewel

He had spent most of his time with the father of the citizen Dara Yousef, he is Yousef Abdi Yousef, who wrote poetry and composed the poems of Cegerxwîn, which the Kurdish artist Mohammed Sheikho has sung. He fought in his poetry and daily conversations the tribal customs, the injustice of the agha and the methods of religion sheiks at that time towards ignorance.

He writes poems and composed them

Jamal Mahmoud Osei, from the village of Tel Shair, aged 68, was influenced by Yousef Abdi and learned from him. He had composed the poems of Cegerxwîn. "The effect of the Kurdish poet Cegerxwîn was great on the region, but he was saying that I could not awaken the Kurds through my poems "I am a little bell in front of the big bell jar Ahmadi Khani, who could not wake the Kurdish people with his poems, so how could I?"

The poet Cegerxwîn died in Stockholm on 22 October 1984. His corps was transferred to Qamişhlo and buried in his home in a majestic unprecedented procession that has never been seen before in al-Jazeera. Then his tomb has been turned into a shrine for the Kurdish people.



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