Celebration in Stockholm on anniversary of PJAK's founding , birth of Ocalan

The Kurds in the Swedish capital Stockholm celebrated the anniversary of the founding of PJAK and the birth of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The celebration held in the Swedish capital of Stockholm on the anniversary of the PJAK founding and the anniversary of the birth of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, where the member of the Executive Body of KODAR Haji Ahmadi, co-chair of the People's Congress Ramzi Kartal, and the co-chair of PYD Aisha Hassou, representatives of political parties and representatives of the Women's Movement in Rojhilat, women's councils and the parties of Rojhilat spoke in the celebration.

The speeches pointed to the importance of establishing PJAK on the birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and pointed out that PJAK and through its projects to solve in Rojhilat (eastern Kurdistan) and Iran are of great importance.

The speeches drew attention to the floods that took place in Rojhilat, the Kurdistan region and Iran, and stressed the need for Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan to extend a helping hand to those affected.

The speeches also saluted the hunger strikers in protest against the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Moreover, the ceremony included performing several songs by the artists (Kale, Evîn, Kawa and Dawûd.)



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